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Thorin Oakenshield FanFiction *FINISHED*
Story published April 4, 2013 · updated May 15, 2013 · completed · 16 pages · 1,694 readers · 6,949 reads
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“Hey” said Fili coming up to me from behind, I was in the garden in the back, I was just sitting there on the grass. I turned around and picked up my hand casually as a greeting.
“What’s up?” he asked, sitting cross-legged next to me. I raised my eyebrows.
“Nothing much. I have 13 dwarfs and one Hobbit, one wizard in my house. The usual.” I said sarcastically and chuckled.
“So you don’t get dwarfs around here?” he asked, I turned to look at him and laughed.
“Excuse me?! Let me ask you this, do you get humans in Middle Earth?” I said.
“Well...we have the race of Man...that has to count as something eh?” he laughed.
“Mmm. I guess. Well we don’t get anything like you here. That’s not even the point! You’re from a book!” I remarked. He stared at me.
“You’re not real are I just schizo?” I asked myself. He took my hand and put it on his face. I was quite surprised.
“Unless this is some good prosthetic this is soooooooooooooo real” I said and touched his face.
“Very real...I know. I was just at Bilbo’s house and suddenly poof and we’re here” he said.

“Wow...well...I think we better get back to the others. I don’t want your kin destroying the house. My parents are gonna be home any minute. Nyeria must still be quite shocked.” I said standing up. He helped me up. Dwarvish helping hand, for a dwarf he’s quite strong. Never underestimate a dwarf.
As I was going up the stairs I ran into someone. Fili was already ahead and ran up to my room but I was standing there with closed eyes in the arms of...well, definitely someone.
“Pleasedon’tbeThorin Pleasedon’tbeThorin Pleasedon’tbeThorin Pleasedon’tbeThorin Pleasedon’tbeThorin” I murmured and opened my eyes to find...yeah, you guessed it, THORIN!
“How ironic you wanted it to not be me and it is me.” He remarked sarcastically.
“Oh the irony.” I bit back sarcastically and in the same time we crossed our arms. This looked just comical. Balin and Dwalin saw this and burst out laughing.
“ are like two peas in a pod” said Balin and Dwalin continued laughing. We both let our arms loose avoiding to have them both cross armed.
“No we aren’t!” we both said in unison and this caused an even greater roar of laughter. We quickly turned to each other staring in each other’s eyes with deadly looks.
“YOU STARTED IT!” we both shouted at each other, once again, in unison.
“ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” we both frowned and stormed off in different directions. I tell you, Dwalin and Balin were having an amazing time.
 “Oi lass, we never seen Thorin act like this and be confronted by a female straight on! Good job!” shouted Dwalin to me as I ran up the stairs.
“Thanks Dwalin!” I said.
“Oh Gandalf!” I shouted seeing him. He turned to me.
“Oh Nymonia! Your sister is a bit...well...not too good.” He said. I raised my eyebrows.
“She found the Vodka bottle?” I asked laughing.
“Excuse me?” asked Gandalf.
“Oh don’t worry Gandalf, inside joke.” I winked.
“Well...your sister is right here. Bombur is looking after her.” Said Gandalf and I nodded, then I felt a hand on my shoulder.
“Thorin, this is not funny annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny ooooh Bofur” I said staring at his amusing hat.
“Nymonia! I just seen Thorin in a strop. No idea what’s going on with him have you?” he asked, kind of concerned. I blinked.
“Noooooooooooooo, Bofur, of course not. Maybe he ate a doughnut... I mean, you don’t have those in Middle Earth do you? It’s probably digestion know, different....products..carbohydrates...he will accustom.” I reassured Bofur patting his hat and then his arm. “Sorry, I had to do that.” I said and he smiled putting his hand on mine.
“Thank you. I’m sure Thorin will be fine. I will go ask him what did he eat.” Said Bofur and I nodded, and just as he was halfway down the stairs, my eyes went big. I lied. Well duh, but that’s not the point. Thorin didn’t eat a doughnut...if Bofur tells him that...oh my God this is going to be a NIGHTMARE! I rushed downstairs after Bofur.
“B-B-Bobby! I mean Bofur! WAIIIT!!!!! BOFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!” I shouted storming after him but he already found Thorin. I tried to jump on Bofur but he kept on walking and I facepalmed the floor.
“ no time for that! BOFUR!” I shouted but he didn’t hear me. He was right in front of Thorin, I could see their lips move indistinctly. I picked myself up and put my hand on Bofur’s mouth from behind. Thorin looked at me with a deadly he heaaaaaard...he...he...
“A doughnut...poisoned... by a doughnut” he said to me and I slowly let go of Bofur’s mouth. He was quite confused.
“Do I I would eat a DOUGHNUT?!” he asked me coming up closer and closer, with a not too happy expression, Bofur was getting a bit worried.
“Noo...well...stupid choice that a King would want a doughnut but you never know...hehe” I laughed nervously moving back as he got closer.
“Poisoned by a doughnut...” he said again.
“Okay’s nothing bad to have stomach problems...I mean diarrhoea, normal problems it’s-“ I was saying but before I got to utter anymore...Bofur accidently pushed Thorin onto me. Or more like my lips.