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Deadly Love (Daryl Dixon Love Story)
Story published April 5, 2013 · updated August 30, 2013 · completed · 93 pages · 9,728 readers · 192,215 reads
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Daryl's POV
I woke up and groaned as the noises from outside drifted in. Seriously, can't a guy sleep around here? I sighed and walked outside. I looked and saw Angel walking out of her tent. She rolled her eyes as Lori apologized for being so loud.
" Duh." She mouthed at me. I smirked and took a plate Dale handed me. I ate dry cereal and hung out in the shade for a bit. I hadn't been able to relax ever since...well ever since the apocalypse started. I looked over at Angel who was laughing with Glenn. How can one person just change you completely? Well, not completely I still had a bad temper but whatever. I always thought love was just this thing wimps felt for each other. I smiled at Angel as she pretended to laugh at Glenn's joke 'why did the walker cross the road?', 'to get to the camp'. She rolled her eyes as he left. Shane sat next to her and they began talking. I glared at him. I felt as though he shouldn't be here. It sounded really childish but every time her spoke to Angel I had a pang of jealousy. I stood up and headed over to a small stream by Hershel's house. I sat by it and a few minutes later Angel sat next to me.
" So, why did the walker cross the road?" I asked. She laughed and I grinned. Her laugh made me feel so much better about myself. 
" Shut up. Poor Glenn." She said. We began to talk about life before all of this. " So, did you have any girlfriends?"
" Well no." I answered truthfully. She raised her eyebrows. " Well, I have but not proper ones. I didn't love them it was more...physical."
" Charming." She smiled. 
" What about you?"
" Well, my boyfriend James. We started dating when I was 17 and I dumped him when I was 26. Just before this started."  She said.
" Why did ya dump him?"
" He was an ass. Cheated on me. I couldn't give two shits though." She got up and stretched. " I'm gonna go help Lori."
She ran towards Lori and took the laundry basket off her as they both headed in the house. I sighed laid on my back, soaking up the sun. A shadow blocked the sunlight and I saw Glenn standing over me.
" What?" I asked, angrily.
" It's Beth." I got up and followed him towards the house. I never actually spoke to the 19 year old but I guess we all needed to stick together. I walked in the house and ran upstairs. Angel, Lori and Maggie were banging on the bathroom door.
" What..." I asked.
" Please!" Maggie said to me. " Beth is in there."
It went quiet and I heard glass smash.
" Move." I said to the girls. They backed away and I kicked the door open. Beth spun round, hand clamped over a bleeding wrist.
" I'm sorry!" She said to Maggie, who began crying. She brought her in the bedroom and Lori followed.
" Thanks." Angel said, running a hand through her hair. I watched her and she looked me in the eyes. " Jesus Christ everyone is going crazy."
I privately agreed and watched her walk away. My mind went to Merle. I thought about him often. We didn't have a...great relationship but he was still my brother. Guess I never forgave them for leaving him on the roof. I wondered where he was as I followed Angel downstairs and out to the camp. He'll be okay. He is tough.


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