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Story published April 5, 2013 · updated 11 months ago · 15 pages · 1,589 readers · 16,266 reads
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Ashley's POV
Me and Hailey sat at the island."So,you're Justin's cousin."I said biting an apple.She nodded sighing."Yes.But it's not really all fun and games."She said looking down at the spotless tile floor.I frowned."How?"I asked.She sighed again."I was teased for having braces and they would beat me up.Until they found out about Justin being my cousin,then they like bowed down to me."She said.I gasped.How could anyone do that to her?She gorgeous!"But why?"I asked stunned.He shrugged and grabbed an orange."I've never had a best friend because of them.I used to have one named Angelikka but she ended up being with them."She sighed."I'll be.your best friend.You'll know I'm not using you since I am Justin Bieber's Girlfriend."I said.She smiled hugely."Thank You!"She said."That's what BFFs are for!"I said embracing her in a big girly hug.