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Infinity & Beyond ( Mindless Behavior Love Story )
Story published April 5, 2013 · updated June 23, 2013 · completed · 64 pages · 1,936 readers · 38,154 reads
Yasmine Love
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Yasmine Love

Hey Everyone !
My names Yasmine, I'm 15 and I love cheetos !!
I have one brother named Jacobi but I call him Cobi,
Cobi Jack Cheese or Cobi Wobie. (Lol) Um,
I have 2 bestfriends named Kiara and Romeo, there mean
everything to me and I wouldn't be the girl that I am today with
out them ♥. I'm a very bubbly, hyper, creative, talented, funny, crazy,
random and adventurous girl. I live with my mom because my parents got 
a divorce 2 years ago but I get to see my dad on the weekends. Umm,
music is my life and I can't life without it, I have 2 dogs named
Dakota and King and I love them !! Oh yeah and I used to have a bestfriend
named Chresanto August but he moved away 3 years ago to be in a 
boy band called Mindless Behavior and I miss him more and more as each 
day goes by but I bet he doesn't even remember me... Well I guess that's it 
so bye people !!

P.S. My eyes change color by my moods 

Sad -

Happy -

In-love -

Hurt - 

Confused -