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The Girl Next Door
Story published April 7, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · 55 pages · 973 readers · 7,872 reads
Meet my Sister!
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Meet my Sister!

Addy's POV
"Well I got to go" I said as I heard Alyssa laughing and screaming inside.
"Wait!" Harry exclaimed. I turned back around to face them.
"Will we see you again?" He asked. I smiled and nodded.
"All of you meet me at the beach at midnight..My mom is babysitting Alyssa tonight" I said. They nodded slowly not knowing Alyssa.
"Come with me" I chuckled. They nodded and I let them in the is bigger than an's like a condo.
I saw my sister playing with Alyssa and Alyssa throwing goldfish at my sister.
"Wow!" I said as I started clapping. My Sister looked up to see guest and she blushed.
"Sorry" She muttered. I laughed and Alyssa ran up to me.
"Auntie Addy! Follow me!" She said as she grabbed my hand. She dragged me to her room and she showed me her window where you could see the beach. I smiled.
"That's pretty huh!" I asked. She smiled and nodded. I chuckled and walked back to the living room to see my sister wearing this. I smiled as I saw her baby bump. I saw the boys sitting there looking awkward.
"Oh! Jennifer these people right here are our new neighbors!" I smiled. Jen smiled as well.
"Hi! I'm Jennifer Katelyn Bay!" She exclaimed. I laughed and the boys smiled.
"I'm Louis,I'm Liam,I'm Zayn,I'm Niall, and I'm Harry" They said.
"Okay. Addison I need to go to the shop...Mom should be here to pick Alyssa up-" She was cut off by the door opening.
"I'm here" My Mom said. Alyssa ran out with her backpack full of toys clothes and such. I laughed and my mom waved.
"Hey Mom" I smiled. I hugged her and she gave a hug to Jen. Jen and I gave Alyssa kisses and hugs then they left.
"Well I need to go to the shop..So I will be back around 10." She said.
"Good. Cause we are going to the beach tonight" I smiled.
"Why?" She groaned.
"Cause it's fun! Now go!" I said as I slapped her butt.
"No touching of this ass" She said. I rolled my eyes and stood at the door.
"Take care of my niece/nephew" I said as I closed the door. I heard her laugh and saw her walk towards the shop.
"Sorry. My family is a little...Odd" I said as I sat at the table with the boys. They smiled.
"They are amazing" They all exclaimed. I laughed and I groaned.
"I'm bored..SO you guys are going to the beach with me" I smiled. They laughed but nodded. Louis's phone went off and he smiled.
"The girls are here" He said. I smiled.
"OOH! ARE THEY YOUR GIRLFRIENDS?" I yelled. They all laughed but nodded.
"So...MOVE IT! I wanna meet my new best friends girlfriends!" I exclaimed.
"Well if you wanted us to be your best friends you could have asked." Zayn said.
"No I decide for you!" I smiled.
"Well I feel like this will be a beautiful friendship" Niall said as he threw his arm around my shoulders. I smiled.
"And don't you forget it!" I said. We walked out and I saw 5 girls in disguises.
"Are you dating these girls?" I asked. They nodded and I squealed.
"You guys are so pretty!" I exclaimed. The girls thanked me and I probably looked like a weirdo.
"Oh! Sorry Socially awkward person here! Anyways I'm Addison but call me Addy!" I said. They smiled.
"I'm Eleanor! I'm Danielle but call me Dani! I'm Perrie! I'm Taylor! I'm Kelsey!" They all said. I smiled and hugged them all then my phone rang. I looked all around then felt my pocket...Wow I'm stupid. Everyone was laughing at me and I blushed.
"HELLO!" I screamed in the phone.
"Damn it Addison that hurt!" Jen said. I smiled.
"Well I just shine so bright it hurts" I said.
"Horrible comeback compared to you others" She said.
"Yeah I know" I said.
"Well I need you in the shop" She said. I groaned and nodded then remembered she couldn't see me.
"I know you nodded...So no need to tell me." She said.
"Thanks" I said.
"Now hurry up and get here!" She said as she hung up.
"Well Love you too" I muttered. I put my phone in my pocket and looked at everyone.
"Sorry Boys and girls gotta go do some hair and make up!" I smiled.
"See you later" I said as I walked downstairs.
"What?" I asked as I turned around. I saw all the girls.
"Hair?" Eleanor asked. I laughed.
"I work at My Sister's Beauty parlor...Bay's Beauty parlor." I said. The girls smiled.
"I WANNA GO! I WANNA GO!" They chanted. I laughed and smiled.
"Follow me then" I said and I walked the girl's down to the beach side and walked inside the shop. I saw my Sister and all the other employees. talking.
"customers!" I yelled. Cassie and Arabella the two most skilled employees took the girls to the back to get their hair washed.
"Well what up! What up?!" I asked.

"Jason wants the store" Jen said.

Thank you for reading this story! I may not update every day But I will try!
Have an amazing day and are Beautiful!