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Emblem3 Preferences. [Finished]
Story published April 7, 2013 · updated June 20, 2013 · completed · 16 pages · 8,476 readers · 54,555 reads
Preference: You Fa
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Preference: You Fall Asleep On Him.

  • A/N: Not mines. I got these from Tumblr.
  • Wes: After an extremely tiring day, it was nice to see your boyfriend, Wes, snuggled up on the couch when you got home. Blankets were bundled up, covering the surface of the couch cushions. There were pillows, but you didn't need them. Wesley's shoulder worked perfectly. "Tired babe?" He asked, grinning at the end of his sentence. You gave him a small nod before setting your head down on his shoulder. You felt his hand stroke through your hair a few times, but other than that, you were out like a light. The next morning, you awoke in your bed, a smiling Wes laying next to you. "Morning, baby! I know you had a good sleep last night!" He laughed, leaning in to give you a light peck on the forehead. "Didn't I fall asleep on the couch?" You asked, your current sleepiness blurring your memory of the previous night. "You did." Wes answered simply. "I carried you up here. The couch isn't really that comfortable, and we aren't sleeping in separate places." He added. Hearing this made you smile. Before you could respond, or even thank Wes for carrying you up, he continued. "Plus, you're like, super cute when you're asleep."
  • Keaton: Against your wishes, the boys wanted to go on a road trip. Your pleading for Keaton to stay didn't pay off, and only turned into him pleading for you to go with them. To avoid being home alone for a few days, you finally agreed. Drew and Wes switched off driving while you and Keaton sat in the back seat, trying to tune out Drew and Wes's conversation and start your own. The hours passed, and you gradually got more and more tired. The seat of the car was getting uncomfortable, but luckily Keaton's lap wasn't. You rested your head down on his legs as the rest of your body stretched across the other seat. Almost immediately, you drifted off to sleep. You awoke what seemed like minutes later to the muffled sound of Drew and Keaton talking. "Keat, you can't just stay in the car forever!" Drew laughed. Keaton was quick to "Shh!" him and whisper "Y/N's asleep! She looks so comfortable; I'm not moving." You let a small smile form on the corner of your lips, catching the attention of Keaton. He brushed his hand across your cheek as your eyes lifted open. "Hey." He breathed. You let your smile grow bigger and replied to him. "Keats, come on, let's go to an actual bed." He nodded, and led you into the hotel room where you resumed where you had left off in the car.
  • Drew: You and your boyfriend, Drew, had just made up after a screaming argument and were both exhausted, and seeking each others company. Drew's eyes rested hot on you, until finally he decided to step closer and pull you in for a hug. The side of your face was smeared with small flakes of mascara, which Drew wiped away gently before pulling you into him tighter. "I'm so sorry." He whispered into your hair. You both ventured towards the bed, and laid down. The two of your were intertwined under the covers, and soon enough, you found yourself floating off to sleep. It was a very light sleep; so light that you could hear Drew's humming next to you and feel his fingers tracing little circles all over your body. His arm rested under you, cradling you into him. You realized how uncomfortable this must be for him and tried to reposition. "No, no no." Drew murmured. "I liked how you were laying. You looked cozy. I'm not moving you an inch even though my arm's asleep." He soothed. With a smile on your face, your resumed your sleep. You awoke hours later, in the same exact position that you were previously in. Drew kept his promise, he didn't move you one inch. Not even a centimeter.