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Dragon Love
Story published April 7, 2013 · updated December 18, 2013 · 48 pages · 822 readers · 10,840 reads
Chapter 10 the hum
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Chapter 10 the human realm

I made it to the other end of the portal, I was in a forest, not near as creepy as the one at home. I started walking randomly "where are we going?" asked Angel, I shrugged "I don't know, I haven't been in the human realm since I was 5" I told her "wow, that's a long time" she said amazed, I laughed and continued walking. The trees began to clear up and I found myself standing in front of a dirt road,flashes of my past came into my mind, I buckled down on the ground and cried as Angel rubbed my back. I stood back up and wiped my tears away "are you okay Blaze?" Angel asked me worried, I smiled weakly at her "yeah, I will be" she climbed back on my shoulder and I began walking the dirt road. It wasn't long before I saw buildings and other people "there's so many! How do we act around them?" asked Angel, truthfully I didn't know "um, I guess we act ourselves" I said unsure. I came across a food stand, a guy was selling fruit tarts, I walked up to the stand and looked at them "oh! Would you like to buy one, they are 150 jewel or 250 for 2" I smiled at him, I handed him 250 jewel, he took it and I took 2 strawberry tarts, I gave 1 to Angel and I continued walking eating mine. "where did the jewels come from?" Angel asked me ounce she finished her "I had some at home, I took it before we left" I said, "oh! Okay" she smiled. There was so much to see in 1 town! I went to a jewelry store but didn't buy anything, I watched a street dancer then visited a small fish market for Angel, I bought her a tuna for a snack, so far I was really liking the human realm!