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One Direction Preferences
Story published April 8, 2013 · updated September 7, 2013 · 21 pages · 17,144 readers · 49,121 reads
#1 DDM New Sibling
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#1 DDM New Sibling and you're Jealous.

#1 DDM New Sibling and You're Jealous.
Harry: (age 2) You were always the baby of the family, so when your baby brother Carter came along, you thought mummy and daddy had a new baby of the family. Today was another day of just staying in your room, and only coming down in case you need to eat etc. You grabbed some of your dollies, you heard the door creak open. It was your dad. "Hi baby, what're you playing?" he smiled. You huffed and turned your back to him, continuing to play your fun game. "Alright bug, what's gotten into you?" he asked, his face full on pout. "Carter!" You hissed, even for a two year old, you had some attitude. (Blame Louis!) "Oh sweetie, is that why you're not talking to us?" "Eva ince he here, you no love me!" Harry's expression dropped and he motioned for you to come over. "Bug, me and mummie love you very much! Just because Carter is here doesnt mean that we don't love you!" "Then why do you spwend more time wit him?" He sighed before explaining he would share out his time evenly between you both. Soon enough, you and Carter were inseparable!
Louis: (age 3) Hannah, Hannah, Hannah. That's what everyone cared about right now. You were tired of being in your own home and only hearing about your sister. You were watching Peppa Pig when your heard her cries. You covered your ears in annoyance and your dad came in. "Hey boo!" he smiled, sitting next to you, but you only scootched farther away from him. He raised an eyebrow, you were never like this. Usually you would enjoy spending time with Lou. "Alright, what's wrong?" he sighed, as if he knew what was coming. "You don't love me anymore!" you said and burst into a waterfall of tears. "Aw, bug. Of course I love you!" "No you don't! Ever since Hannah got here, everyting is bout her!" you breathed, still clearly upset. "Boo, your a big sister now! We need you, and of course we love you! Now c'mon lets go see your sister, yeah?" He dried your tears as you smiled happily, holding his hand as your mum came in with Hannah, and you were ready to be the best sister ever. Although, there were more to come. Being the oldest is not easy!
Niall: (age 2) It had all happened to soon. You had just turned two, just a bit over and your twin brothers were here. And the week just wasn't the greatest for the Horans. You were sick and the twins were being a handful. Brandon and Greyson. Right now they were asleep and your mum was cooking, while Niall was trying to get you to take you medicine. Unluckily for him, you hated medicine. "Princess, please!" He begged. You shook your head pursing your lips. You were getting what you wanted. Attention. "What is the matter with you? First the twins and now you?" He whisper yelled. You pouted. " I just wanted some atwention!" You cried, your sickness getting the better of you. "Amanda! Get in here please!" He lowly shouted for your mum, trying not to wake nor Greyson or Brandon. She entered the room. Niall gave a brief explanation of what here understood was going on. She nodded. "Sweetie? Why do you need attention? Aren't we giving you enough?" She asked, pain in her eyes. "I want my mummy and daddy back ! They stealing you!" You sobbed. The situation was quickly sorted when you finally had your medicin and the hours were split so everyone could get fair attention.
Zayn: (age 4) Bedtime = Trouble. As much a Malik as you were and you loved sleeping, with the amount of energy you had had to be wasted. "(YN) Malik! Bed right now! Im not in the mood. James is asleep and if you wake him, you're in deep trouble!" Your mum Perrie, shouts, scolding you. You frown, crossing your arms, pouting before screaming "I hate you!" and stomping of to your room. Your mum stood there speechless. Zayn patted her shoulder and said he would take care of it while she calmed a screaming James. You laid face in your pillow, angry at everyone. "(YN) baby?" Zayn whispered, pushing the door open. You waved him away, but he still came in. "Why do you hate mummy?" You pushed your head out of the pillow and explained. "Because she loves James more! And so do you! Why does she love him more? All he does is eat, poo and sleep!" You exclaimed. Zayn chuckled. "Babe, we love you both okay? Mummy's just stressed. Now go apologise, because that wasn't a nice thing to say, kapeesh?" "Apeesh!" You hugged your daddy, running to find Perrie before apologising and showering her with kisses and apologies.
Liam: (age 2) You were always a sensible child. But ever since your brother Niall got here, you were the naughtiest girl ever. "(Y/N) (Y/M/N) Payne!" Your dad shouted, catching drawing on the wall. "Yes,daddy?" You fluttered your eyelashes innocently. Suddenly the loud cries of your month-old brother were set off, making Liam groan. Your mum was resting, so he was the babysitter. He sat you on the naughty step, then walking away to take care of Niall. Not to long later, your daddy came back. "Why are you actin up? Is it Niall?" He asked, clearly worried. You simply sniffed and looked away. "Daddy?" you asked. "Yes sweetie?" He answered. "Do you like Niall more than me?" you asked sheepishly. His eyes widened before picking you up and setting you on his lap. "No baby! Where'd you get that from?" "My bwest fwend, she got a baby sista and her mummy and daddy don't give her attention anymore! I don't want that to happen!" Suddenly it all clicked into place. "Sugar, we love you both equally! Okay? Daddy will try and split his time better, oh honey I'm so sorry!" You nodded at your worrying father before rushing to the nursery, Liam not far behind. You gently made your way closer to Niall, kissing his forehead and quietly telling him stories from your week. What a sight to see.
(A/N) Awww! I loved this one : )
When Holly tweets One Direction that they saved her life, it became more than a tweet. Will Holly find true love in this adventure? Or is it just two massive crushes? She's torn between the two boys, but who will she choose?

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