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One Direction Preferences
Story published April 8, 2013 · updated September 7, 2013 · 21 pages · 18,837 readers · 53,837 reads
#3 (BSM) Your Litt
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#3 (BSM) Your Little and You Run Onto Stage.

His Pov

The girls were screaming louder than usual while I was talking so I was confused until I felt a tug on my leg. Looking down, I smiled; (Y/N) was standing there with big black noise canceling headphones on and clutching her pink blanket while sucking her thumb in her princess pajamas. I lifted her up and she rested her head on my shoulder. “(Y/N),” I spoke into the mike. “You’re supposed to be sleeping naughty little girl.” She looked up at me sweetly, her head still on my shoulder and said, while I held the mike to her mouth, “You forgot to sing me my lullaby. I cant sleep without you Hazza.” Everyone cooed as my smile grew bigger and I kissed her between the eyes, “How about the boys and I all sing it for you right now?” The lads all came in a circle around us and started to gently hum her lullaby which we all knew until her eyes had closed completely. Rocking her gently, I carried her backstage and handed her to Perrie, kissing her forehead.
Louis: Liam pointed behind us, laughing and I spun around while Harry was talking to the crowd. (Y/N) was standing by Josh, thank goodness he wasn’t banging the drums, tugging on his drumsticks. He was teasing her, lifting her up on his lap and pointing at me. Striding over, I grabbed her and tossed her up in the air, enjoying her and the fans squeals. Catching her safely, I put her on my hip and walked towards Harry when she grabbed the mike out of my hand, “Hi! My name is (Y/N) and I like cookies!” I burst out laughing with the other boys and tugged the mike back from her. “What are you doing out here?” I asked curiously, bouncing her a little. She giggled and shrugged her shoulder, putting her hands up in an ‘I don’t know’ gesture. I shook my head, smiling and placed her back down, “Go back to El now, okay love?” 
Niall: Harry tapped on my arm and jerked his head behind us. I turned and saw (Y/N), wobbling along the stage, her arms held out and she was running towards me. I glanced backstage and saw everyone was shrugging and smiling so I broke into a huge smile and crouched down, holding my arms open for her. She giggled and covered her face with her hands, continuing to stumble towards me. She ran the last few steps and jumped into my arms as I hugged her tightly. “What’re you doing out here little leprachaun?” I asked into the mike as everyone cooed. She giggled and pushed her face into my chest, saying in a gurgled voice, “I miss you!” “Awh,” I chuckled, kissing her head and rocking her back and forth. “I missed you too but why don’t you say goodbye to the fans and I’ll be with you in a few minutes okay princess? Your brother has to finish his show!” She nodded, waved goodbye and kissed my cheek wetly as Paul walked out and took her backstage again. 
Liam: I was a little freaked out as everyone started laughing during my solo including the boys. Spinning around to send them a look, I noticed (Y/N) had come onto the stage and was holding up her arms to Zayn. He lifted her onto his hip and rocked her until she saw me, pointing and starting to yell my name. Grinning, I finished the solo and walked over, grabbing her up in my arms and quietly letting her play with my hands until the song was over. When it was, the other boys all came and crowded around me, tickling her as I held the mike up, “(Y/N), say hi sweetie.” She buried her face in my neck shyly and refused to say anything no matter how much we coaxed her. “Sorry she’s a bit shy,” I laughed, pulling her tighter against me and kissing her head before saying bye and handing her down to Danielle who was in the pit with security. 
Zayn: Everyone in the crowd was screaming but I was confused; I was just trying to say something, not something that should make them scream this much. But the other boys were laughing, turned the other way so I turned around. (Y/N) was walking clumsily across the stage towards me, her thumb in her mouth and her eyes squeezed shut. I broke into a huge smile but quickly lunged forward on instinct as she started to cry from the noise. But since Niall was closer he grabbed her up in his arms and rocked her until I could get there. Taking her gently from him, I swayed back and forth until she calmed down. Then I took her hand and waved it at the crowd but she buried her face in my neck and covered her ears again. So, kissing her head, I carried her back over to Paul and ruffled her hair, “Stay back here sweetheart.

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When Holly tweets One Direction that they saved her life, it became more than a tweet. Will Holly find true love in this adventure? Or is it just two massive crushes? She's torn between the two boys, but who will she choose?

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