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A Piece Of Paper
Story published April 10, 2013 · updated 10 months ago · completed · 91 pages · 70,640 readers · 875,017 reads
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        "Eli, I have to get to class, can you leave me now?" I whisper harshly as he follows me to class.

        Eli hasn't left me alone after I told him that I don't like him anymore. Of course I was lying, but apparently Eli hasn't caught me about it. He's acting like a five year - old around me. Not that I don't like it, it's just confusing me because Eli was never this clingy with me, and he's also almost an adult, shouldn't he act more mature?

        "Have a good day, Levi," Eli pulls me into a hug and doesn't let go. 

        "You too," I murmur and slip out of his hold on me and quickly get into my Social Studies classroom.

        I sit at my desk waiting for my friend Ayden to show up. He's usually on time, sometimes he's a minute late because of the make out sessions he has with his girlfriend. Sometimes I wonder what goes through Ayden's head.

        The bell rings right as Ayden walks through the door with tousled hair and lip gloss smeared on his lips.  

        "You look more tired than usual," Ayden states as he takes a seat next me to. 

        "Well, Eli fell off of our bed early this morning," I groan and lean back in my seat. "You have more lip gloss on, who's the new girl?"

        "Alice, I think she might be a keeper," Ayden smiles and wipes off the lip gloss with his sleeve. 

        "That's what you said about Jennie," I mention as our teacher starts taking our attendance. He looks at Ayden and my table and looks back at his computer.

         "Anyways, why did your brother fall out of bed and making you grumpy today?" Ayden asks.

        "I don't know, but he asked me weird stuff. I don't know," I sigh and bang my head on my desk.

        "Hey, keep quiet you two," Mr. Collin warns us and starts writing the daily agenda on the whiteboard. 

        After restating that Eli asked me a question this morning, I remembered exactly everything. He kind of seemed he liked me in a sort of different way. Besides, he wouldn't love him how I do, he pretty much showed it when he yelled at me when he read that stupid letter.

        I wish I didn't lie. Maybe Eli would have done something, like kiss me again. Or something like that.

        Don't get ahead of yourself.

        "Alright, class. Read what's on the board and follow instructions." Mr. Collin goes over the assignment with the class and sits back down at his desk.

        "You're my partner," Ayden says flatly and gets out his book. "So what was the questions he asked you?"

        I feel something deep in the pit of my stomach churn. I don't want to talk about this stuff with Ayden. He'll think I'm some kind of creep that wants to hook up with their brother. It's not that. I want to be with Eli. 

        "Just different stuff, okay?" I say and pull out my textbook.

        "Oh, come on, you can tell me!" Ayden whines and rocks back and forth in his chair. What is wrong with him?

        "He just wanted to know if I like him, okay?" I whisper menacingly. I feel sort of bad for saying that out loud. I was hoping to keep a secret. But, of course I can't. I can never keep secrets. I'm so doltish. 

        "What do you mean by like?" Ayden asks and turns the pages to waste time to not get the assignment done.

        "Like, relationship way," I say and bite my lower lip as a blush makes it's way across my cheeks. 

        "Ah," Ayden nods and rests his head on his hand, "And you said?"

        "I said no."

        "Did he believe you?


        Ayden goes silent. He must be thinking Eli might be a creep. Or I'm the creep. I hope that Ayden won't do anything drastic. He wouldn't do anything. He's too nice for that.

        "Well, show him that you're over him. I guarantee it'll work," Ayden laughs a little and reads a page of the textbook.

        "How do you know it will? Are you a miracle worker now?" I laugh with him and get out my other supplies.

        "Why, yes I am. So, do exactly what I say, okay?" Ayden smile and jumps in his chair like a child.

        I will keep that in mind. A whole class period to think of ways on how to figure out how to show Eli I'm over him. A piece of cake.

-End Of Class-

        "See you tomorrow, class. Have a good day," Mr. Collin waves us out to leave for the day as the bell rings.

        "Don't forget what I said earlier," Ayden  walks out to the hall with me. 

        "I won't," I smile. 

        Behind my smile, I'm literally freaking out. I couldn't figure out what to do about the whole plan with Eli. My heart is beating a million miles a minute. I keep taking short breaths. My stomach feels like it's eating away itself. I feel like I could pass out from this anxiety. 

        "Hey, baby brother," Eli walks up to me and hugs me immediately. 

        "Hi," I groan. 

        "Don't forget what I said," Ayden whispers into my ear.

        I roll my eyes. I'm going to have to do something that is going to really hurt Eli's feelings. This shows what a horrible person I am. 

        I pull away from the warm up and glare at Eli. "Eli, I want you to know that I don't like you in that way anymore, and stop making me feel like such a baby," I say quietly so Eli could only hear. 

        "You're not over me. I know you still love me, baby brother," Eli winks and leans in closer to me. 

        "Do you want me to prove it to you?" I push him lightly on the shoulders so I can get my space back. 

        All Eli does is smirk. I look over at Ayden who is still standing next to me and his eyes are wide. He didn't even meet up with his girlfriend for another make out session. This is probably the craziest thing I'm going to do, but it's the only thing I can do now. 

        I grab Ayden by the shirt and pull him towards me, smashing my lips on top of his. Ayden is definitely going to think that I'm a freak. But, surprisingly, he places his hands on my waist and kisses me back roughly. This isn't like the kiss I shared with Eli, but there's something to it that I like. 

        Wait, am I starting to like Ayden?

        I pull away from the forceful kiss and turn my head in the direction where Eli last was, but he was gone. 

        I must have really gotten to him.

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