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The Valerious In Me
Story published April 11, 2013 · 87 pages · 148 readers · 1,148 reads
Chapter 2 Human Va
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Chapter 2 Human Vampire Human Vampire

   “Sabella.’’ He said, his voice was friendly.

   “Count.’’ I snapped, my voice was cold and cruel.

   “Oh my friend, do not treat me this way, don’t treat me so badly and so rudely, we are friends are we not?’’

   “Let this answer your question Count, your last remaining Bride Annie I remember her name, She was the last of your beautiful Brides, well she was until she disappeared.  It was I who destroyed her, I destroyed her pathetic self easily, with her last words she cursed you for putting her in that situation. I so enjoyed tossing her dead body off of the high Transylvanian cliff where I killed her. Well all that was left of her were ashes of course.’’ I flashed Dracula a quick smile.

   “You!? You killed my beloved Bride? Then I will just have to replace her, with someone stronger and more beautiful than she was, I will have to fill her spot in, with you.’’ Dracula showed me his fangs and took my arm in his long pale hand and pulled me to him.

   “I will never love you as Annie did Count, my opinion of you will always be the same, it will never change It may during my transformation because we will be tied together, but I will never love you, will never obey you.’’ I breathed.

   “You will, you will love me, you will love your power, your vampirism, you will thank me.’’

   I realized that maybe all of Dracula’s previous Brides had felt the same way about him as I did, or maybe not, it was possible.

   “Please, no.’’ I pleaded. ‘’Don’t do this to me.’’ His smile disappeared.

   “Your brother is coming Sabella.’’ He leaned over me and bit into my neck. Again I felt pain, again my vision was a blur, once again I was floating.


   My eyes opened Dracula kissed me.

   “I still have my original mind.’’ I replied.

   “Dracula!’’ Angus yelled. He pulled me down and put an antidote to my lips.


   I awoke human once again. Dracula flung Angus away and stood over me grinning. He bent over me and whispered in my ear.

   “You are mine.’’ Then while I screamed his fangs pierced my outstretched neck.


   A vampire again, Dracula picked me up and cradled me to his hard chest. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Angus. I rose up and kissed Dracula so that he wouldn’t see my brother because he would be too focused on me. Angus hit him; he let me fall to the ground. My older brother held another antidote to my lips.


   I awoke again to hear Angus.

   “Sabella go! Run!’’ He yelled. I got up and took a step Dracula grabbed my arm

   “You are not running anywhere.’’ He said.

   “Let me go please!’’ I cried. He started to change, he turned into a bat and he locked one arm around my waist and another arm around my neck and flew up high in the air.

   “Please let me go Count please!’’ I cried. Kicking my legs in an attempt to hit him or be set free.

   “I love you Sabella.’’ Dracula said, then he let go of me, I began to fall several feet below him in the Transylvanian air.

   I screamed as I fell and fell and fell through the cold air. His arms wrapped around my waist and neck again and I knew that he’d caught me Dracula continued to fly on, and I realized that he could kill me easily, knew how easily that I was going to die. I may die tonight, but I vowed that I would go down fighting.

   We came to the castle fairly quickly and Dracula flew in through a window, he changed back into his human form before my eyes. He wrapped his arms around me and pressed his cold lips to my neck.

   “You make my skin crawl.’’ I whispered as chills of fear and dread slithered down my spine.

   “Anna Valerious said the same thing Sabella So I will tell you the same thing that I told her. That is not all I could do to your skin.’’ Dracula answered speaking into my neck as I know that he once did to my poor diseased mother.

   “Please Count, just set me free, I don’t want to be a vampire.’’ I whispered. Dracula spun me around so that I was facing him and I tried not to look into his cold red eyes. He dipped me back and bit fiercely into my neck.


   I awoke in a soft bed, but it was dark, a coffin I was sure, since I felt cramped and I could not move for my back was against a wall. The other side of me, the front of me was snuggled up to Dracula’s chest, he saw when I picked my head up and kissed me. Disgusted, I laid my head back onto his chest and smiled, I would have to act like I liked him, then maybe I could get myself free. He stroked my hair softly.

   “Are you thirsty?’’ He inquired.

   “Yes.’’ I replied in a rasping voice. The Count opened the coffin lid and was gone in a flash. I brushed my hands along my cold neck, I still despised him. If I could just lead him to believe that I loved him I might have a chance of getting free.

   Dracula came back into the room with another wine glass similar to the one that I had used since becoming a vampire, maybe it was the same one, after all, when I’d used that one I had gotten out of the castle just fine. Yes I was superstitious, you can’t blame me, after all the king of all the vampires was handing me a glass of blood, my father was an ex-werewolf and my blood brother was one, my mother had been killed by one, so don’t call me crazy.

    Dracula handed me a wine glass with my least favorite drink in the world. I took it and sipped the blood, it tasted delicious as usual and flowed down my throat like a warm, wet waterfall. The cup seemed to empty and disappear just all too soon for me at the moment.

   “Do you wish for more?’’ Dracula asked.

   “No.’’ I replied.

   I closed my eyes and felt myself transforming into a large bat creature just like the one Dracula had been when he kidnapped me. I stretched my great enormous wings and flew out the window.

   Flying through the air I expected to find my brother and an awaiting antidote, along with my father, who was on a monster hunting mission in America. I thought that I would be okay. Thought I was free.

   “Don’t fly too fast Sabella!! It’s your first time, make sure and be careful!’’ My new vampire senses told me that Dracula was behind me, right behind me.

“Damn it!’’ I mumbled under my breath. How was I ever to escape this horrible monster? I was trapped here with him forced to stay in his sight, sound, and mind. I dove down when I saw Angus’ little werewolf brother Logan. My hair flew behind me as I flew towards him.

   “Logan!’’ I yelled. My brother screamed when I picked him up and soared into the air.

   “Bella! What are you doing?’’

   “I’m not going to kill you, do not be afraid of me.’’

   “Then why did you take me?’’

   “So that Angus will come.

   “Why do you want Angus?’’


   I had to be careful of what I said around my brother when Dracula was in hearing distance of Dracula. As much as I didn’t want to, I had to lie to my little brother.

   “So that we can destroy him, that pathetic dog.’’ I snorted and laughed. My voice sounded shaky, I’d never called my brother a ‘’dog’’ before.



   Dracula locked Logan in a room in the hallway of the second floor

   “Why did you lock him in there like that?’’ I inquired.

   “He is a werewolf.’’ Dracula acted like I should know why he imprisoned my brother.

   “Yeah and I am a vampire, you are the king of vampires, that’s a door, that’s a wall, are we done saying what things are?’’ I asked.

   “Do not be angry for me trying to protect us Sabella.’’

   “Protect yourself Count, he won’t kill me.’’ I retorted.

   “He can’t control himself Sabella you know that perfectly well, haven’t you ever heard the Transylvanian story about Gabriel and Anna Valerious that happened twelve years ago? Gabriel loved Anna with all of his heart until he became a werewolf and tried to kill me, then thinking that he had he didn’t recognize Anna and he killed her. Some think that Anna had a son and Gabriel hid him away,, he must have been five when his poor mother was killed. Now he must be seventeen.’’

   “A girl.’’ I whispered. Fumbling with my blue crescent moon necklace with the small cross in the middle.

   “What girl?’’

   “The little Valerious the baby, it was a girl.’’

   “Oh really? How could you have known that?’’

   “It’s a small Transylvanian village Count.’’

   “What was her name?’’

   I was not sure what to say to that.

   “Her full name?’’

   “Yes her full name.’’ I decided to use my full name, so what if he found it a little suspicious if I had the same name as who I was pretending to be in front of Dracula, I couldn’t lie very easily in front of him.

   “Sabella-Anna Valerious.’’ I answered fully.

   “Strange that you two have the same first name.’’

   “No Count, my name is Sabella Nelhound, the Young Valerious girl is Sabella-Anna, because her mother’s name was Anna.’’

   “Why do you still call me Count?’’

   “You are Count Dracula, I’ve always called you that ever since we first met.’’

   “Well that was because you despised me as a human, and you love me now. You have always said it in a bitter tone, and you still do.’’

   “Well why does it matter? You have my soul, why does it matter what I call you?’’

   “Why don’t you call me-‘’

   “Why are we having this stupid conversation?’’

   “I don’t know.’’

   I turned on my high heel and began to walk briskly away, Dracula caught up with me at an instant and wrapped his arms around me, his short cloak wrapped around us and I flinched at his touch.

   “I love you.’’ He said softly.

   “Master.’’ The words were bitter in my mouth, and it seemed to have come out forcefully, and I hated it. A Valerious never called anyone Master.

   “No not Master, you are not my slave.’’

   “You want a Bride; I cannot be your Bride. All of your servants and your Brides call you Master.’’

   “You seemed to be fine with being my Bride earlier and you will be my most favored Bride, just like Verona was, and you are different, you have bite. Did you get my small attempt at humor?’’

   “I was faking it, I never loved you. I have bite because that’s who I am, find another Bride who has stubborn ways like me.’’

   “Why were you faking it?’’

   “I wanted you to leave my brothers alone.’’

   “I will if you just stay with me.’’


   “If you stay with me, be my Bride-‘’

   “Sabella!’’ I heard Angus yell. I opened my eyes to see my werewolf brother standing next to us.

   “You werewolves ruin everything!’’ Dracula howled with rage. He held me tighter, I gasped when he tightened his arms around my chest.

   “Let go of my sister!’’ Angus demanded angrily. Dracula laughed a soft yet sinister laugh.

   “Your sister is my new Bride.’’

   “Not anymore, she can only be your Bride if she is a vampire.

   “She is a vampire. You DO have a dog’s brain.’’

   “Not anymore.’’ I said. Breaking away from him Angus held another antidote to my lips.