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Teen Wolf Preferences
Story published April 12, 2013 · updated 6 months ago · 45 pages · 7,447 readers · 114,802 reads
The first time he
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The first time he calls you his Girlfriend


 You had gone to Stiles house to bake cupcakes for the bake sale at school. Somehow you both got into a food fight and were soon covered in flour and eggs. Cracking up, you pour the last bit of flour over his head before the door swings open to reveal Stiles' father.
"Stiles, I'm home....oh" He says as he glances at you and the mess on the floor.  
"Oh I'm so sorry sir!" You exclaim hastily brushing some of the mess into the bin. 
"Oh it's uh, perfectly fine. Stiles who is this stunning young girl here?" He says smirking.
Stiles blushes and looks to the floor. "Um, Dad....this is uh....Y/N, my Girlfriend."
"Oh. Well it's a pleasure to meet Stiles' very first Girlfriend!" He chuckles ruffling the top of Stiles head. 
"I'm going. I'm going." He says retreating out of the room with a grin on his face. As you turn to Stiles you arch your eyebrows as far as they would go.
"What?" He questions.
"Your Girlfriend am I?"
 As he mumbles and shuffles his feet you walk up to him and wrap your arms around his waist.
"Hey" you say looking into his eyes. "you've got a bit of flour on you" and with that you kiss him gently on the lips.
"There. All gone!" 

Scott: "Dude, back off." Scott growls through his teeth.
The boys that were hitting on you just laughed and mimicked him, pushing against his shoulders they respond.
"Oh and why's that 'big fella' has someone got a crush?"
"Scott lets go" you say trying to pull him away from them.
"Yeah that's right Scotty boy, go run away with your pathetic school boy crush" one of them mocks, ruffling Scott's hair.
"Actually, Y/N is my girlfriend and I love her very much." Scott says before grabbing your hand and walking away.
You blush realising what he has just called you.

His Girlfriend.

Jackson: "I don't know dude, do you think its good enough?" He asks holding out the soft pink necklace.
"Yes it's perfect. Now can we please go we've been here for an hour!" Danny exclaims causing the owner of the jewlery shop to send a dirty look his way.
"I know. But I want everything to be perfect for Y/N!" Jackson replies gently placing the necklace back down.
"You've never been like this for a girl before man, whats different this time?"
"I don't know" He answers truthfully. " I guess she's just.....I....I guess I'm just in love Danny. And Y/N, she's just the most perfect thing I have ever been able to call mine."
Danny looks over at his best friend and smirks.  "Yours? God I can't wait to tell her you said that!"



A/N: I'll add Derek's tomorrow, but for now I have to sleep, NIGHT!! :)