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The Thin Line Between Love and Hate
Story published April 13, 2013 · updated July 17, 2013 · 4 pages · 379 readers · 841 reads
~1- The letter~
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~1- The letter~

          Your probably wearing pants right now. Shorts even. If that is the case for you, I now envy you. I only own one pair of pants and one pair of shorts. The rest of my wardrobe in that department is skirts. All skirts. Nothing but skirts. Long, short, pink, orange, zebra, leopard, you name it, I have it somewhere in my disaster of a closet. I don't even chose to wear skirts though. Ever since I was little, my Aunt Petunia has made me wear skirts, thinking it was only proper. Well I don't know who raised her, but they must have misunderstood the meaning of proper. It could be worse though. I could have to wear a frilly, girly, dress. 
        Sorry, I'm probably being rude. You probably don't want to hear me ranting on about skirts. 
        My name is Jade. Jade Potter. Sister of Harry Potter. Yes, the Harry Potter. The only thing is, I'm one year older then him, so when he went to Hogwarts last year, I was stuck here because I wanted to pursue my artistic career. I didn't really mind it though. Nobody messed with me, because they thought I was scary or something and nobody picked on me because Dudley didn't. I have a few friends, but most of them are boys, much to Harry's discomfort. Anyway, now was the only time I'm wearing pants. For sleeping. "Jade!" Aunt Petunia's shrill voice called from downstairs. "Coming!" I called back. I pulled on a Different outfit and ran a hand through my white blonde hair. 
         And no I didn't bleach it. I don't even know where I got it from, my mother had red hair and my father had jet black hair, like Harry. I quickly walked down the stairs. Uncle Vernon saw me, stopped sternly talking to Harry and smiled. "Jade. You look lovely." He said warmly, an even bigger smile creeping onto his fat face. They sent Harry back up to his room and a sudden guiltiness came over me. My thoughts were interrupted by a slam on the door. Before Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia or Dudley did anything I ran slyly over to the door. "Are they here?" Uncle Vernon called. "No, must be the wind." I said as I bent down to pick up the two identical cream colored envelopes. Each one had pretty green writing on it, one was for Harry and one was for me. Knowing the others wouldn't approve, I ran upstairs into Harry's room.
       "This is for you." I whispered. He looked up and smiled, taking it out of my hands. I tore mine open, letting jaw drop to the floor. "I've been accepted to Hogwarts!!!" I whispered/shouted. His face brightened up and a huge smile grew on his slender face. "That's great Jade! Now you'll finally be able to be with me!" He said. I was about to say something back when a louder voice drained mine out. "Jade!! They're here!" Uncle Vernon called. I smiled a sad smile at my brother and jumped down the stairs.