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Ways to annoy...
Story published April 15, 2013 · updated 11 months ago · 9 pages · 473 readers · 1,730 reads
Death the kid (Sou
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Death the kid (Soul eater)

If you do any of these I think he'll shoot you with Liz and Patty like.... 5 million times .___.

1) poke his face

2) mess up his hair

3) Ask him why he has 3 stripes in his hair

4) bug him that he has OCD

5) call his fan girls

6) when he's drawing scribble all over the picture

7) Fold the toilet paper .__.

8) Ask Lord Death what Kid was like when he was little

9) Follow him around and when people look at you point at him and say "This man is asymmetrical garbage"  

10) Tell him how stupid symmetry is

11) bug hum and say "you have OVD~" over and over

12) Stick a note on his back and make it asymmetrical

13) steal Liz and Patty

14) Bug him on how long it takes him to write his name

15) Ask him why he hangs out with dorks.

16) Draw on his face while he's sleeping

17) Slap his ass

18) Dress up like him but forget the stripes and brag how symmetrical you are

19) bomb inside of his supposed to be symmetrical house

20) Ask him if he like Maka

21) Ask him to tell you about the birds and the bees

22) Bring up Excalibur

23) Ask him where can you find Excalibur

24) Pull Excalibur out of the ground and claim him as your weapon

25) Run around annoying Kid with your trusty friend Excalibur

26) Ask him if he's gay ot Bi

27) Give him a symmetrical cookie then if he ask if he can have it say we can share and split it unevenly

28) Slap the Mofo across the face every time he freaks out about something

29) Kick him in the balls

30) Ask to borrow his skateboard and never give it back

31) tell him his cat sadly died (Bonus if he falls for it cuz he got no cat!)

32) Dump water on him

33) Everytime he talks make annoying noises using your tongue

34) Stalk him....

35) Poke his eyes 

36) buy him ladies underwear (Bonus if unsymmetrical)

37) Make a annoying song up about him and sing it where ever he goes

38) Jump on his back and say "OFF TO NEVERLAND!"

39) ask Where is his mom

40) is he says he doesn't have one then say IMPOSSIBUE!!!

ble.... can only think of 40 at the moment... I'll update more later...


I had to do this~
I thought it would be really freaking fun.~