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Marrying the Geek *Finn Harries*
Story published April 15, 2013 · updated July 16, 2013 · 58 pages · 25,373 readers · 272,286 reads
Ch. 10
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Ch. 10

Finn wasn't going to school with me today. Jack begged Finn to come up to Bristol to see the University. I was really upset, but I shook it off. He was coming back soon.

I was completely terrified about going to school today. I don't want to face Luke or Dylan, or anybody. But I managed to shake all of those thoughts out of my head and get ready. I slipped on some teal skinny capris with a white laced top. I also slipped on some nude flats. My hair was put into a ballet bun, and my makeup was nothing huge. I applied my red lipstick and grabbed all my needs for school. 

My phone rang once I got into the car. The picture was of Finn and I when we were laying on his bed. I smiled and answered it, "Hello Finnegan." I smirked. I knew he rolled his eyes.

"Hey Char, you heading to school?" He asked.

"Yeah, I just got into the car." I said, placing my purse on the passenger seat.

"I'll be home possibly tomorrow night. If anything happens today, you don't have to go to school tomorrow." He said.

I smiled, "I think I'll be alright."

He sighed, "Okay. Have fun then, love you."

Butterflies irrupted in my stomach. I don't think I could ever get used to Finn telling me that. "I love you too."

So far I haven't faced Luke. But Dylan, she tried talking to me, but I ignored her. She was officially going out with Luke. Can't believe it. And for Miranda, she looked bored without Finn sitting next to her.

When the bell rung I rushed out, but stopped by Miranda. She had on the sweetest smile and her hair was wavier. She wore makeup and everything. She cleared her throat, "Do you know where Finn is?" She looked behind me and behind herself to see if Finn was around.

I chuckled, "Nope, sorry." I looked at her up and down, "Are you trying to impress him or something?" I asked, eying her clothes.

"Does Finn like this stuff? I mean, on our date he looked like he wasn't having a good time." She said, looking upset. Finn didn't have a good time? Now I feel like laughing so hard. Finn is mine, gtfo Miranda.

I pouted, "Well, I'm sorry to hear that Miranda. Good luck with Finn!" I walked away. It was lunch time. I don't want to face any of these people. I went to the library and sat in the back where no one could hear or see me. I pulled out my phone and dialed Finn's number.

"After a few rings I heard his voice, and he was laughing about something, "Hello?"

"Is this a bad time?" I asked.

"No," He said quickly, "Of course not. Jack was just recording a video. What's up?"

I sighed, "Nothing. I'm just sitting in the back of the library. I don't want to see any of those people."

"Sorry babe. I'll be home tomorrow first thing by dinner time! I promise." My heart thumped. Even over the phone he was incredibly perfect.

"Okay. Oh, and Miranda was asking for you. She got dolled up and everything to impress you." I let out a giggle and so did Finn.

"And what did you say?" He asked still laughing a bit.

"I just said good luck with Finn." I chuckled. Even though it's been less than 24 hours, I miss Finn so much. I just want to see his perfect smile, and I want to look into his beautiful eyes. I just really miss him.

"I gotta go babe. I'll call you tonight. Promise." He said.

"That's a lot of promises, Finnegan." I assured him.

He laughed, "And I'll keep them Charlotte. I love you, take care."

"I love you too," I whispered, "Bye." The dial tone shut off and I took the phone off my ear and sighed. What to do for another ten more minutes? Nope. Nothing came into mind. I turned my head to the right and saw the window. I saw two heads walking by. Dylan and Luke. I could hear Dylan laughing and Luke chuckling. But the worst, I heard, "I love you, babe."


I placed my head on the cold desk in History. Last class and I'm booking it out of here. Stella, which was the girl sitting next who doodles  was glancing at me, and doodling. I heard her whisper, "Finish."

She passed a paper towards me and smiled. It was a picture of me. But not just me. With..Finn? Wait. What? I looked at her with a confused expression. All she did was smile and put her index finger up to her lips. What. The. Hell.

She went back to doodling, but I had to ask her. "How do you know?"

She shrugged, "Saw you two together."

"Where?" I asked.

"At the park. You guys were being all lovey dovey, and I thought it was really cute." She said.

I glanced at the overheard where there were notes we had to copy, but I ignored it. I glanced back at her, but she went back to sketching. I looked back at the drawing and smiled. She had Finn's smile drawn perfectly. All of Finn's features were perfect. Too perfect.


*Finn's P.O.V.*

I shouldn't be doing this. If Charlotte found out, she'd kill me. I sat on the stool and Jack slurred his words.

"C'mon mate, have some fun!" He yelled over the music. Charlotte hates alcohol. "Can we get a tequila shot please?" Jack yelled to the bartender. I rapidly shook my head, but the bartender requested Jack's request. Jack handed the little glass of liquid to me. "Just drink it Finny, you'll feel great afterwards." 

My hand was shaking but I took it. Jack got one too. "On the count of three." He slurred his numbers, but when he reached 3 I gulped the liquid down. My throat burned, but it did feel great.

But all I remember was taking more than 5 of those shots, and stumbling onto the dance floor right next to a blonde.


Y'ALL THINK FINNY'S GONNA CHEAT ON CHARLOTTE?! O: Or what? LOL, I don't even know. Anyways, this chapter sucked I know, but it's the best I could do. Hehe enjoy! :-) - Jayla ♥