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Young Love
Story published April 16, 2013 · updated September 1, 2013 · completed · 245 pages · 2,237 readers · 35,508 reads
The Fire Between U
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The Fire Between Us

     Daryl couldnt believe Beth was kissing him, her soft lips were on his and her hands were sliding around his neck for support. He was still in shock that he couldnt move, she broke away with the kiss all to soon for his taste. He pulled her back into the kiss, he pulled her arms so that they wrapped around his neck. He wasnt really sure where to put his hands, Beth broke away and and looked at him alittle funny.

"Its okay, you can put your arms around me." She gave him a faint smile.

    He instantly felt embarrassed that Beth had to tell him to do that, he wanted to hide in the corner but before he could even register thats what he wanted to do Beth was kissing him again. So with shaky hands he put them on her waist, Beth jumped when a loud clap of thunder rang out above them, he couldnt help but smile. She gets startled quick, she is a good kisser, and she isnt afraid to move fast on him. He liked that alot. Beth's tongue slightly glided across his bottom lip, his insides turned to mush as she teased him, he opened his mouth slightly and their tongues met and explored eachothers mouths. 

   Beth tangled her fingers in Daryl's hair as they kissed, she felt his grip tighten around her. Another loud clap of thunder rang out, the barn slightly shook as the thunder rolled on. Beth and Daryl broke apart for a minute to assess the situation, through the window they could see the rain pouring down incredibly hard. Beth shivered alittle as a cold breeze floated through the barn, Daryl took notice of her actions and slid his arm around her waist. She jumped slightly as his cold hands touched her skin, she couldnt help but giggle as he pulled her close to him.

"You nervous?" Daryl asked.

"No." Beth said quietly.

   Daryl nodded. He of course was extremely nervous and he knew Beth was as well, He felt his stomach turn into knots as he helped her out of her sweatshirt. He couldnt believe he was doing this sober, he never does this sober. Beth laid down the sweatshirt so her head could have a cushion, Daryl could feel his heart pumping wildly as Beth reached her hands inside of his vest.

"Beth stop." Daryl said in a low groan.


"I dont think we should do this."

"What else are we gonna do, the storm isnt letting up yet." Beth made a good point to Daryl which he acknowledged.

   Daryl's eyes flickerd down to her breasts, her pink bra was peeking out of her shirt. It made him harden, he wanted this and he knew Beth wanted this too. He just didnt expect her to want her first time in an abandon barn, he took off his vest and laid it on the ground. He saw Beth's eyes roam around his body, he almost felt violated enough to cover himself. But he was a new Daryl, and this Daryl didnt cower like the old one. He knelt down in front of Beth, he was going to be bold. He reached his hands up to her zipper and tugged it down as she unbuttoned, he discarded the jeans off to the side. His heart was pounding because he is taking the lead, he gave Beth a knowing look before latching on to her underwear. He didnt know little Beth wore Thongs, that kinda turned him on more so then ever now that he realized that.

   After he discarded her underwear she took off her shirt and through it over by her other clothes, Daryl took off his shirt but kept on his pants which she was confused because all the movies she watched the guys always undressed completely and from what her friends use to tell her they did. She looked up at him with a sly grin on her face.

"Arent you going to take them off?" She asked.

"Aint ya gonna take off yer bra?"


"Why not?"

"Cause i dont...Well im small.." Beth Blushed.

   Daryl grunted as he kneeled down in front of her, he reached behind her and unclasped her bra. He wasnt sure what she was talking about, she wasnt that small. He gave her a smile and she kissed him as he discarded her bra. As she leaned back he leaned forward with her, he was sure that his heart pounding wouldnt go unnoticed by Beth, i mean he was laying on top of her and he was sure she could feel it.

"Ya ever done this before?" He asked in between kisses.


   He sighed. He knew it he knew she was a virgin, but he was kinda dredding it because he has never been with a virgin before and he's always been rough as far as he could remember anyway. He opened her legs so that he could lay in between, her legs wrapped around his waist. He unzipped his pants as Beth kissed him.

"Try not ta hurt ya." He said as he looked into her blue eyes.

"Its okay." Beth reassured him.

   He nodded. He was nervous, it felt like the first time for him as well clearly it wasnt but his first time sober while doing it.  He put his hands on the small of Beth's back as she held tight to his shoulders. He finally entered her causing Beth to gasp in pain, he felt horrible because he was hurting her he was going to stop but she pleaded for him not to stop, so he picked up the pace alittle and thrusted harder into her causing her to scream his name which he soon muffled with his hand.

"Ya gotta be quiet." He whispered into her ear, she nodded in return.

   Beth felt tears pricking her eyes as the pain got worse, she wanted him to stop but she couldnt bare to say it. She just gripped on to his shoulders, Daryl looked up and saw tears coming out of Beth's eyes. He used his thumb to wipe them away, he felt even worse that he was doing this to her. He wanted to stop but he couldnt not just yet, he had to finish what he started. He felt it building up, he knew any minute now he'd be done and he could stop hurting Beth. He thrusted alittle harder into her causing her to yelp, he felt bad he really did, the last thing he ever wanted was to hurt Beth.

"Im sorry Beth.." He mumbled while almost out of breath.

"Its okay.."

   He braced himself, boths hands on the ground by her head. After he did he thrusted alittle more to get her to meet her peek, which didnt take very long. Now after sex he usually doesnt stick around and cuddle, but, he changed his mind after he saw Beth's tears. She wasnt crying anymore, but he felt a weird connection to her as he lay there with her. It didnt feel like love but he felt like he had to protect this girl no matter what and it was new turf for Daryl, he never in his life thought he'd ever have to protect someone let alone a women..