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Hetalia M-preg series
Story published April 16, 2013 · updated May 19, 2013 · 10 pages · 961 readers · 6,485 reads
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"What do you mean,'your pants wont fit'?" Gilbert asked the short blond Canadian.
Matthew simply sighed.
"Can I just barrow a pair of your pants?"
Matthews clothes had grown quite snug these last few months.
"My pants are way to long for your little legs."He snickered.
"H-hey!My legs aren't little!I'm almost as tall as you!"Matthew whined as the taller Prussian wrapped his arms around his waist.
"Re-lax, I'm just poking fun."Matthew quickly nuzzled into his neck.
He often enjoyed moments like this with his boyfriend.
"Speaking of'poking fun'~"Gilbert quickly pushed Matthew onto the couch.
Before he could protest, he was silenced by Gilbert's kiss.
"G-Gilbert!My stomac-"Matthew rolled from under Gilbert and ran to the bathroom.
"Birdie?"Gilbert was silenced by the sounds of gaging and heaving.
Gilbert was slightly scared to enter the bathroom, he never had to deal with something like this before.
"Birdie, are...are you OK?"Gilbert asked cautiously.
"Y-yes, please don't come in."Matthew sobbed.
A second later, Matthew walked out of the bathroom, shaking.
Gilbert wrapped his arms around his boyfriend,"Are you sure your OK?"
Matthew nodded and buried his head into Gilbert's chest.
"I'm hungry."He whispered.
Gilbert scoffed,"You just puked up your guts!Now your hungry!"
Matthew blushed.
Sure he shouldn't be eating, but he felt hungry suddenly.
"Alright, what do you want?"Gilbert walked to the fridge.
Matthew gave his best puppy-eyes,"Icecream."
Gilbert looked at him with disbelief.
"Really?Is that the best thing for a stomach ache?"
Matthew wimped slightly.
"Fine!"Gilbert handed him the quart of chocolate ice cream.
Matthew grabbed the maple syrup, pickles, and whipped cream.
Gilbert looked utterly disgusted as he mixed them all together.
Although this had been a regular occurrence this past month, it was still gross.
"Maybe we need to talk to England about whats wrong with you."Gilbert said as Matthew stuffed his face with his weird ice cream concoction.