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Highschool Never Ends (Soul Eater Fanfiction)
Story published April 16, 2013 · updated 11 months ago · 37 pages · 2,536 readers · 12,937 reads
Chapter 1-The Firs
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Chapter 1-The First Day of School-Death the Kid

A/N: Waz up? I got bored,and this happened.... Anyways,hope you enjoy my little mind gem!

Chapter 1
The First Day of School
Death the Kid
1st Period

 "Father,I can walk to class by myself,I know this school rather well."Death the Kid sighed as his chipper father led him to his first perios clssroom.

Don't worry about it Kiddo,I want to make sure you get there okay!" His father chirpped happily. "I might as well meet this new math teacher anyway!"

 This had to be hell. Having his father as the high school principal was berable most days,but this,this was a new level of horrible. As if he didn't get enough BS for being the son of the principal,not to mention the smartest kid in the whole school. Add in his name and strange three white half lines,not to mention his slight neat freak tendiences,and he was a bully's dream come true. Freshman year had been the only year he had actually enjoyed school,and that was due to his tough and self proclaimed 'coolest guy in school' best friend,Soul Eater Evans.

 Kid sighed,knowing that Soul would not be in his AP math class. Among his friend's good and great traits,being good at math-or any subject besides music,for that matter-was not among them. He resigned himself to being alone and bullied in this class,starting with the second his father walked him into the classroom.

 "Waz up kids?" His dad greeted,walking in with Kid trailing behind him,his head hung. The normal greetings from the students came,of course. His dad was a rather well liked man,and the majority of the high schoolers liked that he didn't talk down to them,or treat them like idoits. Kid quickly took a seat in the back,setting his math binder on the desk.

 "Hello Death the Kid." Kid glanced up to see a girl with green eyes and blonde hair put up in ponytails smiling at him.

 "Um,Hello." He said hesiantly,not sure if this girl planned on making fun of him.

 "Sorry,I forgot that you didn't know who I was. I'm Maka Albarn,my Papa is the Vice-Principal." She streched out a hand to him.

 "So you're the Maka that Mr. Albarn never stops talking about?" Kid chuckled,reaching over to shake her hand.

 "That would be me." She sighed,shaking her head. "I hate him..."

 Kid frowned,opening his mouth to ask her why,when the teacher started class. Kid couldn't help smiling a bit,even as kids snickered when his name was called for role. Dispite Maka's strange and obvious hatred for her father,she seemed alright. And Kid had just earned himself a new friend.

A/N: Sorry that it was so short,it was just something to get the ball rolling,introduce Kid and Maka and get some things straight with their lives and such. XD

Thanks so much for reading! Liz and I would love some coments/favorites! Love you guys!
                                                                     ~Liz and Kitty