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Death the Kid's Asymmetrical Love Story
Story published April 16, 2013 · updated October 22, 2013 · 27 pages · 1,411 readers · 6,951 reads
New Girl
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New Girl

 Kid was walking down the long hallways of the DWMA when he spotted a girl sulking next to the dispensary. He wasn't the type of guy who just walked away from something like this, he had to do something about it. He knelt down next to her and asked nicely, "What's wrong?"
The girl said nothing, just shook her head to imply that it was nothing he had to worry about. Kid sighed, "You know, it's better if you talk about it; don't worry, I won't judge." Then he reached to put his hand on her back.

 Finally she looked up at him and said weakly, "My partner's dying and it's all my fault." Then she put her face back into her hands and started sobbing. "I'm a horrible person, I should be the one in there, not her."

 "There's no use in crying about it, I'm sure your partner will be fine. If you want, you come with me to the Death Room to see if my father will let you out of class to be with her," Kid said, with a warm smile on his face.

 She peeked at him through her hands, "Really?"

 "Sure, by the way, what's your name?" He asked kindly

 "People call me Katie," she sniffed, her tears fading, " What about you?"

 "My name's Death the Kid, but you can call me Kid," he smiled and stood up, extending his hand to help Katie up. She looked at it hesitantly then took it and pulled herself up. Smoothing out her black skirt, she took Kid's arm and walked down the hall with him. Kid finally had a chance to see her and he saw a very asymmetrical young woman and, surprisingly, he didn't mind. Just a tad.
 She wore a white button up blouse under a chest-length black hoodie and a black flimsy skirt with a sequin belt attached to it on top of black and white striped leggings and black boots with small chain-like things on the sides. She must like black, Kid thought to himself. Not that it mattered, it was just an observation. Katie noticed him staring at her so he quickly looked away, for some reason.
"Kid? What's it like being Shinigami-sama's son? Does it put a lot of pressure on you?" She asked.
He was a little caught off guard by that question, he never really thought about it.
 "Well, people treat me a little differently when they find out who my father is, that's something that kinda bothers me, but there isn't really any actual pressure, I guess. If you've met my father before then you'd know why," he said, adding a tone of humor at the end.
Katie smiled knowingly. She had, in fact, met Shinigami-sama before, and he had a... bubbly personality. He was always joking around and she loved his silly voice.

 "Do you ever wonder what it would be like if you didn't have a father? I mean, like, if he was gone and outta your life?" She asked nonchalantly, but really wanting an answer.

  "Yes, I have, once before. It wasn't a charming thought, though. Why do you ask?"

  "No reason," she replied a bit too fast. Kid noticed.

  "Don't want to tell me? That's fine, I mean you've only known me, what, five minutes?"

 Katie chuckled, "Don't take it the wrong way, I'm like an open book... but with some chapters glued together."

 Kid smiled, "I like your analogy, Katie. By the way, you said people call you 'Katie', but what's your real name?"

 She giggled, "It's in one of those glued chapters somewhere."
                                                                                                                 *   *   *   *