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Stomp it out | Daryl Dixon Fan Fic | Finished |
Story published April 17, 2013 · updated May 31, 2013 · completed · 133 pages · 3,554 readers · 54,210 reads
Chapter 20: Plate
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Chapter 20: Plate

        Rick's Point of View

        "Walkers, walkers!" I heard Andrea shouted from the roof of the RV.

        "Is it just the two!?" I called.

        "Yeah! I bet can nail them from here!"

        "No no, Andrea, put the gun down!"

        "You'd best let us handle this!" Shane rushed over.

        "Shane hold up, Hershel wants to deal with Walkers!" I called.

        "What for man? We got it covered."

        "Dammit," I snapped running into the RV grabbing my gun running out to the field where the two walkers are, I pointed my gun at them.

        "Is that Daryl and Rose?" Glenn looked at them.

        "Hey," Rose smiled giving a small wave.

        "That's the third time you pointed that thing at my head!" Daryl stepped forward, "You gonna pull the trigger or what?"

        "Daryl's a bit cranky," she breathed really heavily as she walked over limping, they both had shirts pressed to something. We all calmed down a bit, "I was worried something could've happened when we were gone," she reached for me, before she could get to me I heard to gun shots, both hitting Rose and Daryl.

        "No!" I screamed waving to the RV, "No!" I bent down to Daryl seeing the bullet skinned his head.

        "I was kidding!" Daryl shouted.

        "Come on," I helped him up.

        "Where's Rose!" he looked around, Glenn was bent down to her.

        "Rick," he mumbled.

        "What happened?!" Daryl screamed.

        "Oh my god," he ran his hand through his hair, "Oh my god she's dead, she's dead, Andrea killed her."

        "What?!" I screamed, dropping Daryl running over to, feeling around the wound I felt the metal plate she had told me about, "I think she might be alive," I felt for a pulse, it was there.

        "How?" Glenn asked totally shocked.

        "She has a metal plate in her forehead, it bounced the bullet off," I pick her up, "T-dog take her," I directed and he held her as I passed her to him, rushing to the house. Andrea and Dale ran down meeting us.

        "Oh my god!" Andrea exclaimed, "Oh my god is he dead?!"

        "Unconscious, you just grazed him," I answered, "But you almost killed Rose."

        "Where'd it hit her?" Dale asked.

        "Forehead," Glenn answered.

        "She's got to be dead," Dale shook his head.

        "There's still a pulse," I said.

        "But look at them?! What the hell happened?! Daryl's wearing ears!" Glenn exclaimed.
        "Let's keep that to ourselves," I said taking them off.

        "Guys!" T-dog called, "Isn't this Sophia's?" he held up a doll that Rose had with her.


        "We found it washed up on a creek bed right there, she must've dropped it crossing there somewhere . . . how's Rose?" Daryl asked Hershel.

        "It looked like the metal plate that was inserted a surgery from before stopped the bullet, she would be dead right about now if it wasn't for that," Hershel answered.

        "Fucking Andrea," Daryl sighed.

        "It wasn't her fault," I said, "She thought the two of you were walkers, by the way you looked you could pass for them. How's he looking?"

        "I had no idea we'd be going through antibiotics so quickly," he answered, "You have any idea what happened to my horse?"

        "Yeah, the one who almost killed us? If it's smart he left the country."

        "We call that one Nelly, as in nervous Nelly. I could've told you she'd throw you two if you'd bother to ask. It's a wonder you people survived this long . . . how did this happen anyway?"

       Daryl's Point of View

        "When your horse threw us off, we fell down a steep hill. My arrow came out stabbing me in the side and Rose's knife came out stabbing her in the stomach."
        "She shouldn't be carrying such a large knife in a bad holser, I'm surprised she hadn't died."

        "Where is she?" I sat up.

        "Right there," he pointed to a bed, "She's beaten up pretty bad, she lost a lot of blood from the wound in thigh, but not enough to kill her, you have a winner."

        "Your wife, am I right?" he looked at me confused.
        "No," I snapped.

        "You sure look like it, well, I'm done here. Get better," I patted my arm, I lay there looking at Eleanor. She looks lifeless, last night I thought I figured out I didn't like her. But today I think I noticed I do like her, not something I'm really in favor of. But I can't help it, no one can.
        "Daryl," I heard her mumbled.

        "Rose," I sat up.

        "Where are we?"

        "We're back at the house," I said getting up, I know he said not to but I couldn't help it.

        "Why does my forehead feel funny?"

        "Andrea shot you."

        "What?" she looked at me confused.

        "Andrea thought we were walkers, but you're okay, I'm okay, we're all okay."

        "You sure you're okay?" she asked me.
        "I don't think it's be we need to be worried about, you just need to rest alright?"

        "Can I lay down with you please?"

        "Of course," I said picking her up bridal style setting her down on my bed. I grabbed her blanket throwing it over her, I laid down beside her. She turned around burying her face into my chest, I tensed up a bit but got comfortable, in about a minute she let out little snores. 
        I never thought I'd hear myself saying this but it was adorable, I gently stroked her hair watching her sleep, I couldn't fall asleep because I was too worried.I mean, what if I fell asleep and she stopped breathing? It'd be terrible and all my fault, I couldn't do that.

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