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Story published April 18, 2013 · updated 4 months ago · 124 pages · 10,837 readers · 39,824 reads
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Sally lives with her mom, her dad, her cat, and her sister, Gen.

All Sally wants for Christmas is a Blue Button Eye Teddy Bear.

Sally's mother looked in every store and shop for the teddy bear. Store after store told her they're sold out, until Sally's mom came across a dingy old pawn shop. A old scrawny man sat behind the counter, and right on the shelf behind him was the Blue Button Eye Teddy Bear, The old man told Sally's mom that he wasn't selling it, but for a few extra bucks she convinced him to sell the bear. Ecstatic she ran home and wrapped and boxed it for Christmas.

The days go by, the ground gets blanketed in snow. Christmas is finally here.

Sally's eyes open and she jumps out of bed, Christmas is here! She ran down the stairs, the smell of peppermint and apple pie filled her nose and body with sentimental feelings that she will remember forever. Sally's mom and dad sit on the couch sipping on their coffee listening to Christmas songs. Gen stumbles down the stairs half asleep, and takes a seat on the couch. Sally tears open her presents, one after one. Gen opened hers and mom and dad hid their whiskey for later. Sally reaches the last box with her name on it, she tore it open and screamed with delight at the sight of her new bear.

The rest of Christmas was spent trying out new toys and products, visiting relatives, and drinking eggnog with apple pie. Night came and rain began to fall and Sally fell asleep with Charlie, her new teddy bear, while watching 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.' Gen went upstairs to her room to explore her new items, and Sally's mom and dad went to their room, enjoying their bottle of whiskey.

Gen sits in her room listening to music and texting her friends. She pulls out what appears to be a cigarette, except twisted on both ends, and begins smoking. Her door creaks open, laughing out loud she failed to hear it. As she lays on her stomach she feels a sudden, sharp, jolt fly up her spine. Her paralyzed head hits the pillow black spots appear in her eye. She sees blood soak the sheets from the corner of her eye. Her heart beats so fast it hurts. She passes out and bleeds to death.

The rain washes the snow off the window and patters agains the glass. Sally's mom and dad lay in bed drunk, watching a late night television show. Their door was wide open, and light from the television would pour out of the open door. Sally's father saw somthing crawl under the bed. He assumed it was the cat and continued watching television. Sally's mother drifts off to sleep and her father shuts the tv off and lays down. Several hours later, Sally's mom wakes up to a bouncing on the bed. Turning to look at her husband, she saw his face, eyes gouged out and multiple stabs in the neck. Blood oozed from the wounds and as Sally's mom was about to scream, a sharp pain, for half a second, went across her throat. She choked on her own blood for a minute before dying.

Sally lays on the couch. She wakes up and notices the absence of Charlie. As she gets up, she sees Charlie standing in the doorway, blending into the darkness. "It's just you and me now, Sally."

"Thank you, Charlie," Sally responded.

When the police came several weeks later, Sally's sister was found to have 36 stab wounds in the back. Her father's eyes were gouged out and his neck and back were stabbed 29 times, and her mother's throat was cut.

Sally and the teddy bear were never found.

This remains an open case.