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Me and You ~Niall Horan LoveStory~
Story published April 19, 2013 · updated October 31, 2013 · 30 pages · 218 readers · 758 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

It was a dark winter night when Niall walked down the street by his own.Yes,Niall Horan.He was wearing a white v-neck that clung to his build up body, a pair of dark blue jeans that fit him just perfectly and his white Supras.Typical Niall.He wore a simple light blue hoodie over his shirt. Just soemthing to keep him warm and not freeze up to death.

While he walked down the road hands in his pocket , some of his fans ran towards him and asked for his autograph and picture. Who wouldn't? If Niall freaking Horan was just casually walking down the street won't you do the same?

The rest of the lads were spending their time either with their family or girlfriends.  Zayn was visting Perrie in London , Louis was with Eleanor and Liam was with Danielle of course. Well, Harry was just being Harry. Spending his Friday night at a bar. Freedom was what he called it. He had just recently broke up with Taylor. He was a free man.

Niall walked for quite some time before spotting a local bakery. He was freezing cold. So , he thought that he could pop in for a cup of coffee to warm himself up. He enjoyed eating in those bakeries where you can actually see the baker baking the pastries in the kitchen. The smell of pastries was heavenly. Niall stepped in and walked right up to the counter.

There was a young man who looked not older than thirty.He had dirty blonde hair and wore a worn out grey t-shirt. He had those peircing green eyes that shone in the light. He wore a white apron with some plaid design .He gave Niall a small smile and Niall too returned one. The young man took Niall's order. Niall gave him a 20 pound bill and told him to keep the change. The young man gave him a huge grin and thanked him for his kindness. Niall just simply shrugged and gave him a warm smile.

Niall found a booth to sit. He sat down and checked his phone, it was almost 9:30 pm. He didn't mind besides he had nothing to do.

waitress walking towards his booth with his order in her hands. She was about Niall's age. She had brown silky hair that flowed down till her waist. Her eyes were brown that had a kind spark in them. Her smile could light up the whole room. From the outside , she was a shy person but on the inside a whole diffrent person that is really hyper and bubbly. She looked cute in that floral dress that was up till her knees and had a small pink bow on her waistline behind her apron that says "Kiss the baker" White Van's to pair it with. From an onlooker she would have been a normal person but for Niall on the other hand, seems like the heavens had just sent him and angel. Corny, I know.

She flashed Niall a dimpled smile and Niall could have swore the whole world stop for a minute. She bit her lip and set the tray in front of him. It was pretty obvious that she was a waitress there in that small bakery or cafe. Whatever they called it. Niall was smiling so big. Boy, she was the most beautiful girl that he'd ever seen. It knocked the wind out of Niall's chest. 

She had a shy smile playing on her lips. Niall was staring at her like a dumbfounded idiot. She was the first to speak up. " Here you are." while setting down the tray full of food without making eye contact with Niall.

Niall snapped out of his daze and said thank you to her with a charming smile. She blush a little. They finally made eye contact and the world stoped for a moment. Their eyes locked together.Nothing besides her was all Niall could think about. It all happen so fast to them.

They both were snapped out of their trance by the sound of a bell ringing. The ringing came from the door indicating a new customer had come in.

They both blushed in a deep crimson red. Their gaze fell to the ground. Never had once Carrie had been so comfortable with a stranger.Yeah, her name is Carrie.

Carrie walked away slowly. Niall pulled her wrist just in time. An act of instinct. He stuttered abit but the words finally came out " Will you be my friend?". Carrie was grinning happily and of course accepted. No , Carrie wasn't a girl who likes to take adventage of people.She was just as sweet as a puppy like Niall. She knew right there and then she was looking straight at the boy of her dreams.

Niall was staring at her. She told him she would get off work soon and maybe they could hang out. A chance to get to know each other better.

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