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Mindless Behavior Gone Bad
Story published April 19, 2013 · updated May 9, 2013 · 4 pages · 1,218 readers · 4,426 reads
How He Stalks You
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How He Stalks You

Princeton: He's the best of them all. He moves so swiftly and delightedly. You'll never know he's at your window until it's too late. When you see him, he gets mad at himself and takes out on you. He likes to play with you and show you a good time. You try to tell him no and fight back with words. All he says is "they will never find your body." Prince whispers deep and seductive and you ears. The he throws you against the wall and chokes the life out of you're eyes. Those were the only words he ever spoke to you.

Roc Royal: You would never suspect the hottie of the school would do this. He was just him and you just you. At first you'll catch him from time to time. You play along with it. One day he just gets sick and tired of games and wants to play. He appears in front of you as you step out of the shower. Roc forces a kiss on you. This was no romantically rough kiss. You try to act as if this was the fantasy. You realized to late it wasn't. He leaves your bloody body in the bathroom on the cold tile floor.

Ray Ray: The tall and lanky boy was your stalker. He was funny and goofy. You also never picture him to be a stalker. But, Ray always did have a dark side. He always burst in anger from time to time. You just thought he suffer from ADHD or something. Ray likes to dress in all black and stare directly at your bed. Plays with your hair when your sleep and kisses you telling you how much he loves you. You woke up to one of his kisses. To keep you from screaming he slits the knife across your neck.

Prodigy: He was always different. Shy and quiet. Actually he spoke to no one. Prod would just do his work and leave. Teachers were afraid of him and so were students. Only you weren't. You wanted to get to know him. You would wave to him and he would wave back. When you start being nice, he started stalking. He walks directly to your room. Taking heavy footsteps. Prod starts to breathe heavily then wheezes. You say, "what the hell." Where your only words before he strangle you to death. He leaves your lifeless body in the bed.