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All About You. [All 3 Books]
Story published April 20, 2013 · updated 2 months ago · completed · 108 pages · 8,891 readers · 86,659 reads
~Better Together~
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~Better Together~

*Dani's POV*

It's been two weeks since Aly and I have left San Diego for L.A. I never want to look back, I want to start fresh here. I now live at the Lynch's house. I am so glad for that; because I am now surrounded by eveyone that actually cares about me. I plopped onto the couch, and turned on the TV. I channel surfed for about a minute, and then I shut the TV off. I sighed, and I went into the kitchen. "Hey girlie!" Rydel exclaimed. "Hey!" I replied. Her smile was just so... perfect. I was jealous of her, but I had to let that slide. "Do you want to go out for a little girl time, get away from the guys for a little?" she asked.

"Yeah, that sounds fun! We should go to the mall," I said. She nodded, and we grabbed our purses. We were outside when we saw Aly walking with Rocky. "Hey, look over there," I whispered to Rydel. She turned her head to them. She giggled a little, and smiled. "Aw, they look so cute!" she said softly. I agreed, and we got in the car. We got to the mall and went into Macy's. I bought a cute yellow summer dress, and Rydel got a pink one. We then moved on to Hollister. I got a pair of shorts, and Rydel got some sweat pants. Soon we made our way into the food court, and we ate Rubios. She and I were laughing, taking pictures for Instagram. "So, have you and Ross been on an official date yet?" she asked.

I let out a laugh, and nodded. "Yeah, we've been on lots of dates, but only one as a couple." I replied. "Oh. Is he fun?" she questioned. "Yes, he is a ball of energy," I said. We laughed, and we got ready to leave when I spotted Ratliff by Cinnabon. I laughed really hard because he was wearing a green mustache and a green hat. "What are you laughing at?" Shed asked. "Look over at Cinnabon, it's Ratliff," I replied out of breath. "Oh my gosh," she giggled. 'Hey Ratliff!" I shouted. He looked over to Rydel and I waving. He waved back, giving us a funny look. We walked over to him, and asked him why he was here. "I wanted a cinnabun!" he cried. "Well, buy your cinnabun and let's go," I replied.

He bought one, and we started walking. "Oh yeah, Dani," he started. "Yeah?" I asked confused. "Ross is worried about you, he wants to see you." he continued. I nodded, and headed to the side. I pulled out my phone, and called Ross. "Hello?" he answered. 'Hey," I began. "Hey. I miss you, where are you?" he asked. I smiled, "At the mall, we will be home in a few minutes, okay?" I said. "Okay. I just want to see you." he said. "I want to see you too," I finished. After we said our goodbyes, I was on my way home to my sweet prince.

~I hope you enjoyed the chapter... Aw, Ross misses Dani! So sweet. Keep reading and tell others about the book! xoxo~