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All About You. [All 3 Books]
Story published April 20, 2013 · updated 6 months ago · completed · 108 pages · 9,285 readers · 93,089 reads
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*Dani's POV*

I woke up next to Rydel; who was sitting there awake. "Good morning beautiful," she greeted me, and I rolled my eyes. "Good morning beautiful to you too," I replied. "We need to go to Hollister, just me and you," she said, excited. "Why? And why are we up so early?" I questioned, as much as I could question as sleepy as I was. "Because, today we are going to an interview, the whole band plus you!" she screamed. I pushed myself off the bed, and lunged toward the closet. "Why me? You guys didn't say anything about Ross and I did you?" I asked, getting serious. "No, we didn't, but since you live with us now, we wanted you to come along. Now get ready, and let's hit up Hollister!" She yelled, leaving the room to get ready herself.

I wore my yellow shirt, and over it, I threw on a hoodie. I put on my shorts. ( Rydel wore sweatpants, and a pink hoodie. We got to Hollister, and bought some cute dresses. A yellow one for me, a pink one for her, and a green one for Aly. The boys were still at home with Aly, and by the time we got back home, they guys (and Aly) were ready to go. Rydel and I went upstairs to do makeup and hair, ( and when we were done, we went back downstairs to meet the others.

We all agreed that we were ready to go, and got in the van. "Where exactly are we going for the interview?" I asked. "Hollywood," Rydel replied. "Oh, nice. I've never been there," I said. "It's really cool! I think you're going to love it there," Ratliff interrupted, smiling like the dork he is. I mean that in a good way. We got to the interviewing place, and we all sat down on the couches. Rocky next to Aly, Riker next to Rydel, Ratliff on the other side of Rydel, Ross by me. When the interview started, the girl asked some questions we all knew the answers to. "Hey guys, you're watching KissBliss and we are on with R5. I am your host Michelle Miller, and guys, why don't you introduce youselves." she began. "Hi, I'm Rocky," "Hi, I'm Aly," "I'm Riker," "I'm Rydel," "I'm Ratliff," "Hey I'm Ross," "And I'm Dani," we finished.

"Okay. Let's begin. There are two of you who aren't in the band. How do you know the boys and Rydel?" she asked. Aly began, "Well, we met at a concert," "Yeah, and we have been really close since then," I finished for her. "Okay! Alright. So, this is for the boys..." Michelle began, and the boys shared some hoots and hollars. "Okay. So, are there any relationships you can talk about? Let's start with Rocky," she finished. "Uh, okay, so this is Aly, my girlfriend," he said, shyly. "Very nice! Okay! What about you Riker?" she asked. "Actually, no. But Ross.." he trailed off. Oh no. I have to explain myself? Please help me. "Okay. So this is Dani, my beautiful girlfriend, and um, she is just a lot of fun to be with. I consider myself very luck to have such a beautiful girl in my life," he finished, as he pecked me on the cheek.

I turned red, or at least I felt a blush on my cheeks. "Thanks for that boys. So, Dani, what's it like dating the teen hottie Ross Lynch?" she asked. "I think it's great. I've had a great time with him, and I love him a lot, so yeah," I stated. They all went, 'Awwww' as usual, and I rolled my eyes, as if I don't ever do it enough. Ross then put his arm arund my shoulders. I smiled, and snuggled closer to him. When the interview ended, we got in the van, and went out to eat. When we got back to the house, I turned on the TV, and the news was on. Suddenly, the interview aired, and for once, I looked decent. Well, it wasn't so bad after all, and now Ross and I are public.