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Dancer 143 [FINISHED]
Story published April 21, 2013 · updated June 1, 2013 · completed · 127 pages · 7,290 readers · 90,952 reads
Chapter 14
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Chapter 14

Ella’s POV

 I opened the door to find Cody sat with his head in his hands.

“Codes?” I said, closing the door behind me and joining him on the floor. He slowly lifted his head up. The whole right side of his face was purple and swollen and I let out a little gasp as I realised the extent of his injuries. He looked away, seemingly embarrassed that he’d got hurt.

“Cody, who did this? A fan? Security? A jealous boyfriend?” He shook his head after each option. There was only one more person I could think of.

“Justin?” I asked, his eyes widened and he cleared his throat.

“He wants you Ella and I can’t let him have you” Cody said, wiping away the tears that had stained his cheeks.

“Cody, I want you to know something” I said, taking his hands in mine and looking him straight in the eyes.

“Cody, right now you are the most important person in my life, you are basically my everything. I already lost you once and honestly those were the worst six months of my life. I love-” I was interuptted by Cody’s lips on mine.

“I love you too Ella” he whispered into my ear, just for me to hear.

“Now we have established that I am not going anywhere we must sleep, we’re flying out to Glasgow tomorrow” I said, letting myself smile. I was finally going somewhere outside the States and where’s more exciting than Scotland? Well I can think of a few places but that’s beside the point.

“Stay with me please” Cody pleaded, his eyes full of a terror I hadn’t seen before.

“Well we’re going to have to sleep in here, I don’t fancy a grumpy Alli shouting at us” I said, pulling him up and pointing to the bath. Cody groaned but got in anyway and I climbed in on top of him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and shuffled till he found a comfortable enough position.

“No one’s going to hurt you Cody” I said, twisting my head and kissing him gently. Cody tightened his grip meaning I had to stay in this postion for the rest of the night, my head resting on his chest and our feet intertwined.

Alli’s POV

I woke up in an empty bed. I know Ella was an early riser but this was ridiculous. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I staggered out of bed and opened the bathroom door. Being in here with Cody last night felt so surreal. I never would have thought I would have to comfort him after he got punched.

I pushed the door open and let out a scream. Cody was asleep in the bath with Ella in his arms but that was the shocking part. His face had almost doubled in size and was all swollen and red. Cody had obviously been having a bad night as the usually heavy sleeper jolted his head up, awakening Ella with his sudden movement. Whoops.

“Alli, what are you doing?” He said, confusion crossing his face. Ella climbed out of the bath.

“I, er um is there any pizza left?” She finally asked after trying to think of an excuse for about a minute.

“Er yeah and I need the toliet” I said, flashing them both a smile. Ella was already half way out the door and Cody was soon following her. Argh, why were they so cute? It was times like this when I really wanted someone like Cody, someone to cuddle up to and to love me. Someone a bit like Justin. No Alli, he was not a nice person. He was the one that hit Cody, the one that threatened to tell everyone about Cody. I was not falling for him, no no no.

Cody’s POV

I must have been staring at myself in the mirror for at least twenty minutes or however long it took Ella and Alli to get ready. How did I let this happen? Why did Justin do this? Justin, he was meant to be one of my mates, someone I could trust and I just don’t understand.

Ella’s arms snaked round my waist and her face joined mine in the mirror. She was so beautiful, how did I end up with her.

“C’mon Codes, breakfast awaits us” She said, standing on her tippy toes and kissing my cheek. I flinched, the bruise was freshly forming and stung whenever it touched air, so basically always.

“Okay babe” I said, taking her hand and following her out the door where we were joined by Alli.

Walking into the restaurant I began to tense up. I looked at the floor, I couldn’t look my parents in the eyes. I shuffled to the restaurant and took my seat next to Ella and, no. Justin was not sitting next to me.

Justin’s POV

Oh fuck, he looked awful. His face had swelled up and his whole posture dripped insecurity.

“Cody, what the hell happened?” Brad asked as he caught a sight of Cody’s face. I felt my cheeks start to burn as he calmly explained the events of last night. I ran my fingers through my hair and stood up. I was not wanted here.

“No, Justin stay” Cody commanded. I froze, Alli tugged on my arm and I collapsed back into the chair.

“I’m so sorry mate, I just she”

“Yeah I know but she’s also mine” Cody said, before he began to smile and joke around like normal. He sat up straighter and his confidence returned. However as his confidence rose Alli’s seem to fall. She looked like someone had stabbed.

“Alli, you okay?” I whispered in her ear.

“Nothing” She said, shaking her head. Huh? Well I’d caused enough trouble for one week. 

Alli’s POV

He liked Ella. That’s why Cody got punched, cause Justin liked Ella. Why am I so bothered, I don’t even like him. Forget about it Alli, forget about him.

“Alli, you coming? You don’t want to miss the plane do you?” My mum asked “Dad’s got your suitcase, c’mon chick” I trailed after her and soon enough we were all seated on the plane.

I got the window seat and Cody and Ella sat next to me. I looked once more over at them, a pang of jealously stabbing my heart. I plugged my headphones in and escaped into the world of Taylor Swift and Frank Ocean. I just wanted to go home.