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TMNT - Love Oneshots - Reader Insert
Story published April 21, 2013 · updated May 9, 2013 · 31 pages · 22,864 readers · 99,538 reads
- Convention - Leo
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- Convention - Leonardo

                Based on the idea of   Gabrielle

Already it’s time! You waited nearly a year! Most of it you were sitting in front of your sewing machine or on your sketchbook. Only for one reason – to create the perfect dress for this day, that finally come! Now you can show your work to everyone. The day of this Convention finally comes, you just waited. Since you figure out that one of this conventions would be in New York and also that this one would be a ‘Space Heroes’ Convention, you were fire and flame. Nothing could change your mind to go to it, it’s you favourite series. You annoyed your friends, not stop talking about it in the last weeks, also you dragged them to help you with you costume – Your costume – yeah. You made a Cosplay. This was why you sewed all the time. You created a costume of your favourite character – Captain Ryan. But You had to change some things on it, ‘cause you have more feminine forms than him. As the forms of a man. Sure you’re a girl. And beside not bad looking one. How could your forms be similar to the one of an adult man? That’s impossible for you. You’ve sewed a sexy costume that plays around your forms and looks hot on you. And also the character is easy to see. So you’ll go as a hot Captain Ryan. Proud of yourself you put it on. Looking at yourself in the mirror for a few minutes. ‘It looks perfect.’ This way you could show yourself up.  
First you wanted go as Celestia, because she’s one female character and so easer to imitate but as you thought clearly about it you threw this idea away. You decide for Ryan after all. He’s more likeable and also very cool and calm.
So you make your way to the building the Con is in. There you don’t come out of marvelling. They have reconstructed the whole inside of the space ship, even the command central is there. It’s amazing! You’ve never been this exited. Also you go backwards and around yourself to see everything. So you notice grumble voices behind you. You look about your shoulder to see four giant green persons. Ordinary costumes you thought. 
“Ey Leo! Why, for hell, we had had to go with you!” the red masked says.
“Yeah, just because You like this dumb series!” also the one with a orange mask, finished the sentence.
“Because Splinter hasn’t let me go alone, also you said you wanted!”
“Yeah…because you dragged us in…” the third annoyed person says. It seems they wouldn’t like it here. But…this is not you problem, so you just sign and go away. As long as they wouldn’t spoil your day, they don’t matter you. You do your way to the different stands. Every of them have other stuff. You feel like coming home. So as you stand in front of one, a person took place beside you. You simply look up. It was the one, the other three yelled at, and also he has a costume on. It looks like a Captain Ryan one but in a turtle version. ‘That’s an interesting idea, how he come to that?’ You ask yourself as you begin to smile and turn back to the stuff. He seems to notice your curious look from before, now he looks at you. And gets a small blush on his cheeks.
“Wow…your costume…that’s amazing!” you heard his voice, but before saying anything you look around you. But there stands no one, he could mean, so that compliment belong to you. You shyly look into his blue eyes as you began to speak. “Thanks, but yours too. It’s different. I wonder how to get the idea for a Turtle Captain Ryan. It’s so sweet.” You smile soft before a friendly and quite laugh come about you lips. You turn back to the seller and buy some of this Space Heroes stuff. Then look back to the Turtle, which is now a little bit red on the cheeks and looks at you with shining eyes. With another smile you go ahead to the next stand, Leo slowly following you, so you give him an asking glare. He seems to be friendly and also very self confident. Following a girl he doesn’t know. But this is something based on a convention, meeting new people, create new friendships. So why not?
“Would you like to eat something?” he asks in a low voice. Now your look as a little bit puzzled, but you nodded. You are the following one now, go after this person you don’t know. You two buy something to eat and then search for a place to eat. You sit down on a few stairs, talking about everything. Also introducing yourselves. You two laugh a lot, about everything in the series and other moments in your lives. You also tell him, that your costume is self made and that you wanted to go as Celestia first. About this comment of yours he laughs and says something…crazy. “It also would look amazing in you and If you had, we could have gone as pair like in series” You look at him with a surprised faced. “I…I mean a pair-look!” He blushes again as you shyly smile at him and say that he’s cool and funny. But already you feel like he likes you.
Leo, we should go…before Raph hurt someone here..”, a big turtle with a purple mask says as he pointed to one with a red bandana. This one argues with someone. And he doesn’t seem very friendly to you.
“(Name), my brothers – Donnie, Mikey and … ehm .. yeah … Raph”, he points at every one as he introduce them. Not hearing to what they say. “I’m glad to meet you. And by the way...great costumes!” You smiles, but get confused glares. You don’t notice Leo giving them a sigh to play with. “Yeah…giant Turtels?”, Donnie says with a look to his older brother. But before you could say anything else, a loud bang sounds up. “Dude! You break his arm!” The one in orange says to Raph. “Seems I really have to go” You notice the sadness in his voice and also the disappointment. Your look express exactly the same, as you get an idea. You call him to wait and get out a pen. Then you grab his hand, before he could react. And you write your handy number on his strong hand, with a happy smile. So you could talk whenever you want! But this wasn’t all, in the time Leo’s three brothers left, he also write his number on your hand. He gives you a happy and shining grin, you could do anything just wave. A different feeling go along your stomach. You never felt like this before. It hurts to see him leave, but you also feel happy that you could have contact with him longer. After the four brothers gone, you look a few time on you hand. The first you do is to save it in you phone.
So what should you do next. You go to every stand and buy so much that you haven’t any money left. So after a few more hours you leave. As you arrive home you recognize a meal on your phone, curious you open it and you simply smile about it. It’s from Leonardo and is an apologizing for his fast disappearing. You answer and also the two of yours write nearly the whole night…until you fell asleep. Your Phone in the hand. The next day you write again and also you call him. After a few hours conversation you hear someone in the background
“Leo…the T-Phone was made REAL for emergency! Not for that.” You could help but laugh, and you could hear Leo thanking Donnie. He loves your laugh and you wouldn’t know.
The next two months go on like this…but for you, this texting and calling wasn’t enough anymore. You wanted to see him again. One reason: you already felt in love. So you ask him. It takes a longer time than usual as you get the message back. “Sorry…but No…I don’t want you to see me…I’m ugly…” You look a few moments on that message - shocked. ‘What he’s thinking?’ You write as fast as you can: “You aren’t! How could you think that! Please…I want to see you again!”
You would accept a no. You want it, and if you want something you get it. By the way you couldn’t understand Leo’s behaviour. It’s strange. You needed another month to persuade him to meet you again. But finally he said ‘Yes’. But just after you wrote him, you want to see the person you felt for again. He only accepts as you promised not to scream. Why should you? He’s he? You would meet him a few days later. As the day come you dress in your favourite outfit and get really pretty. You prepare yourself very well. And make your way to the street you would meet. As you arrive you see someone in a coat. You take a step closer to that person. “Leo?” You carefully ask, but get a smile as the person turns toward you. But you recognize a little fearful shine in his blue eyes. “Why this coat?” You ask as you grab the side of it to get it away, ‘cause it only lays on his shoulders. Leo placed his hand on yours, to stop your acting. “Like I said…I’m ugly. I don’t want to…” He stopped as you put the coat away and look at him. He shut his eyes soon, expecting a scream or something like that. You just look at him. Smiling.
“That’s not true…” you say as you lean over to him. He turn away from your face. “It is.. I’m a mutant turtle and you…you are such a…beautiful girl”
“Leonardo…” your voice is only a whisper as you turn his face to yours, so you could give him a soft kiss, as you lay you other arm around his neck. 
“I felt in love with you, with all of you…it doesn’t matter what you are…nothing would change my feelings!” As you said this he pulled you into another kiss, picks you up a few centimetres in the air. This kiss he gave you – it should show his love for you, and you feel it. The passion, the love, everything!