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The Daughter Of The Alpha-(Scott Mccall Love Story) *Slowly
Story published April 22, 2013 · updated October 9, 2013 · completed · 82 pages · 4,798 readers · 77,191 reads
Chapter 14: Why Ca
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Chapter 14: Why Can't We Be Friends?

Today is a day I always feel like I am the old me and by that I mean super shy and less confident about myself. But then I realize I need to be like this because hell yeah I am the alpha girl of my dad's pack. I got to admit I was shocked when I realized that Ethan was one of them I actually though he was a cool guy but like some girls said all the men's are the same...I got to agree and at the same time I don't I mean look at Stiles a handsome boy who has a girlfriend and he treats her like a queen. But not all the guys are like my best friend instead they are popular and jerks who only care about them self's something like Isaac, Scott, Ethan and his brother you know the cool guys in school. Today we had an excursion out of the school because of our science teacher that wanted us to become green and looked at the nature, I actually am getting used to the nature thing so it's not going to be a problem for me but probably is going to be a problem to Amanda the legally blond of the school who is afraid that a bug can kill her just by looking at her. 
I was walking out of the bus behind Allison and we walked towards Lydia and the others to listen to the instructions.
"Well ladies and gentlemen we are here to investigate the nature so I already assigned a group and the other group members are:
-Scott Mccall
-Lydia Martin
-Allison Argent
-Stiles Stilinski 
-Erica Reyes
-Isaac Lahey
-Adeline Hale
Now go to your group and start to discover."
This is just great the alpha pack vs the pack in one group well done Mr. Harris well done. Now I am walking with this group that in it are two guys I really don't want to see Scott and Ethan. I know that right now they are looking at me but I am trying my best to ignore them. Derek and my dad already told the other's about the alpha pack and by that I mean that Kali, Ethan and Aiden are in it. I really can't feel more uncomfortable than I feel right now it's like I don't know...weird. We continue walking with this very awkward silence around but then something changed.
"What is that?" Lydia asked and Erica looked at the floor while the rest of us where arriving there.
"It's a wolf mark"
"What?" Kali said walking to where they where looking.
"You know that mark alpha?" Boyd asked.
"No I don't"
"What do you mean with you don't?" Allison said.
"Actually I never seen it before"
"You lying?" Aiden said.
"No I am not Aiden I am super serious"
I walked to see the mark.
"This is not a wolf mark this is more a wolf"
"What do you mean? Is too big to be a wolf" Scott said
"And too little to be an alpha" Ethan said
"No because is something worse"
"Something like what?" Isaac asked.
"The kanima of the alpha"
"The what?"
"It's an alpha but it's also a kanima"
"Both?" Kali asked.
"Yes both"
"And how did the kanima alpha thing got together?"
"Well it happened a few years ago an alpha was scratch by a kanima and then it happened"
"But is also human right?"
"Of course it is"
"And is it dangerous"
"Something like me but a little worse"
"He can make danger?" Erica asked.
"Alone? No"
"And then what is the big deal?" Lydia asked.
"With a pack...he is unstoppable"
"A pack...of course he is an alpha" Ethan said
"The question is how can we stop him?" Scott said looking at everyone.
"Being united"
"It's impossible"
"Why Kali?" Aiden said.
"Our leader won't like that in fact we came here to destroy you"
"Well sorry to tell you this but that will be another time"
"This is super serious no one is safe right now"
"We need to talk to our leaders"
*A few hours later*
"So you are telling us that we need to unite?" My dad asked.
"Yes that is why we are saying" Ethan said
"Well I think you guys are not joking right?" Cora asked and we all nodded.
"So what are we going to do now?" Derek said.
"I guess we don't have any choice..." Ennis said.
"We have to be friends" Deucation said.
"We have to unite"