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Rosalind Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Story published April 22, 2013 · updated August 8, 2013 · 36 pages · 1,162 readers · 4,045 reads
Interlude 1
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Interlude 1

Rosalind Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

I'll be having interludes in this story so the characters can do other things than just reading the story. The next chapter will be when they read the first chapter.

Interlude 1

A smile broke across Rosa's face as she threw herself at the middle figure. The others didn't have a clue to who this guy was but they recognized Oliver and Marcus. "Patrick!" Rosa yelled. They heard the guy chuckle and wrap his arms around her before giving her a quick kiss on the lips. Theo growled at this but no one but Blaise heard him.

"Hey Rosie," he said. He pulled back to look around and was met with unfamiliar faces. "So where am I?" Rosa grabbed his hand and began introducing everyone. When she came to Theo she spotted the look of jealousy on his face and she couldn't help but laugh.

She let go of Patrick's hand and walked over to him. "There's no reason to be jealous love," she said.

"So I'm supposed to be OK with some guy kissing you," he said sarcastically. Her smile widened.

"You don't have to worry about him. He bats for the other team." Recognition dawns over him and he slowly nods. Having fixed that Rosa turned back to face her friends and the new arrivals. That's when she noticed Marcus. Her eyes lit up again as she threw herself at him this time.

"Bubba!" Marcus rolled his eyes and opened his arms to catch her.

"Well hello lil sis," he chuckled. Oliver had been standing by and he put on a fake sad face.

"Oh what am I chop liver?" he asked. Rosa pulled away from him and walked up to pull him into a hug.

"Ollie!" the twins cheered. Rosa was barely able to dodge the twins and walk back over to Patrick. When the twins finally settled down and let Oliver go Marcus spoke up.

"So what are we doing here?" he asked. "How where are we?" Rosa figured it would be just easier if she let them read the first letter they were sent. So she walked over to where all the letters are put and grabbed it. After the three of them were finished Patrick turned to her.

"So I get to hear in detail what happened to you at Hogwarts?" he said. She nodded. Hermione blinked and looked at Rosa.

"You told him about Witches and Wizards?" she asked.

"But isn't he a Muggle?" Ron asked. Rosa sighed.

"Yes he's a Muggle but I did accidental magic around him and he figured it out." Dumbledore stood up.

"I was aware of the fact that Rosa's friends knew about Rosa being a witch," he said. "I didn't see any harm in it when I made sure that they wouldn't say anything." Mrs. Weasley gasped.

"You mean more than one knows about us?" she asked. Rosa narrowed her eyes at the way she spoke about her friends. She didn't like Mrs. Weasleys tone.

"I assure you they would have kept the secret," he said. "I believe a Mister. Arrington had an aunt who was a squib and already had knowledge about the wizarding world." Patrick and I perked up at this knowledge. Blaine had never mentioned it to either of us. Before anyone else could speak up there was another flash of light and a note appeared in front of Rosa.

She caught it as it made its descent.

Dear friends,

We still have six more people who will be joining shortly. They will already be informed on what's going on and what has happened in the last book. I must also inform you that where you are residing has grown.

Several new rooms have been added for your enjoyment and comfort. A library, sports room, and music room along with extra rooms for the new arrivals.



Placing the note down there was another bright light and six figure dropped to the floor. This had to be the most ungraceful arrival Rosa had seen yet. Only three of her friends managed to land on her feet. Patrick and Rosa burst out laughing at them. The new arrivals stood up and wiped themselves off as they glared at them.

When Rosa finally calmed down enough to talk she began to introduce them. "Guys this is Patrick's and my friends. Chelo Caverly, Xander Tait, LeAnne Xanthe, Chase Mathews, Duke Elwood, and Blaine Arrington. They are the only reasons I was able to survive the summers at Private Drive."

Each and every one of their faces dropped at the reminder of that place. That was until Fred and George broke the tension. "Any friends of Rosa's are friends of ours!" Dumbledore stood up with a smile on his face or what Rosa assumed could be a smile. His beard twitched a little.

"We shall begin reading again tomorrow. For the rest of the day I would like you all to get to know each other." With those words Rosa brought her friends over to officially meet Theo, Ron, Hermione, and Marcus. It didn't take long for everyone to get comfortable around each other. If Rosa didn't know better she would have thought they had known each other for years by the way they clicked so fast.

The adults left one by one to go do their own thing. Soon the only ones left in the room were the teenagers. There were several small groups throughout the room with people joking around. Rosa watched from her spot next to Theo and smiled brightly about how well everyone was getting along. It was then that she remembered her plan on how to get Draco and Hermione together.

Grabbing Theo's hand she pulled him over to Blaise and then dragged them over to a secluded corner. "What did you find so important that you had to kidnap me?" Blaise asked sounding slightly annoyed. Rosa figured it was because she took him away from Luna who had been chatting with Blaine about Nargles.

"I want your help with getting Draco and Hermione together," she said. Blaise studied her and seemed to be going over it before he finally nodded.

"Fine but we start some other time because I am busy with trying to match make myself." Rosa rolled her eyes as she watched him walk off. She turned to Theo and raised an eyebrow.

"What about you?"

"I'm in," Theo said. "He's been madly in love with her since she punched him in third year." Rosa was surprised that he had liked her that long. As Theo and Rosa made their way back over to where everyone else was in the room she heard a shout of surprise and disgust from Chase.

"Rosa!" he yelled in horror. "These people don't know what basketball is! I'm simply offended that you never told them." Rosa once again found herself rolling her eyes.

"They're wizards Chase," she said slowly like she was talking to a child. "Of course they don't know what that is."

"This simply won't do!" he exclaimed. "We have to show them."

"I'm afraid that'll have to wait for another time," came Dumbledore's voice. Several people jumped in surprise. Mad Eye who was behind him yelled, "Constant Vigilance!" Dumbledore chuckled.

"Dinner is ready and then afterwards I suggest everyone go to bed," he said. "We'll be starting the readings early in the morning." Rosa picked a spot between Theo and Patrick. As they ate Patrick caught her up on what had been happening since she left. She learned that his younger brother Sebastian had be gone to talk and that his parents missed her.

She herself couldn't help but miss Bonnie and Derek, Patrick's parents. They had been loving toward her and thought of her as they're own daughter. It was Patrick's family that kept her going through the summers and before she had heard of Hogwarts.

Derek had been the one to teach her how to drive and planned on buying her a car when she got her license. Rosa spent most of her time over at the Millers and thought of them like family. Bonnie had been a mom toward Rosa and always made sure she had something on her birthday but made sure Rosa was able to hide it from the Dursleys. Most of the things that Rosa owned stayed at the Millers place so it didn't get thrown out or given to Dudley.

After dinner before she went to bed Rosa said goodnight to her friends and kissed Theo goodnight. When she entered the McGonagall was already in bed so Rosa quickly got ready for bed herself. From his corner in his tank Rosa heard Loki say goodnight.

Rosa felt herself slowly fall into a deep dreamless sleep.