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Beauty In The Water
Story published April 22, 2013 · updated 7 months ago · 173 pages · 30,173 readers · 358,152 reads
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"Renay, Renay, Renay..."
I heard my name being called. "Renay...." WHY wont the freaking alarm clock stop!?!
"Renay sweetie" OK this is really pissing me off. I threw my hand looking for the snooze button. That's odd, I don't remember my snooze button feeling like a nose.. Oh well, I kept pressing it but it wouldn't stop! "Renay its time to get up". OMFG!! I opened my eyes looking for the alarm clock, but was meet with a pair of warm brown eyes.
"Hey dad...... Where's my alarm clock?" I said looking around the room. My dads face broke into a huge grin and you can tell he was trying to hold in a laugh. "Whats so funny?" I asked. I'm trying to look for my alarm clock and my dad is here being a weirdo.
"Umm Sweetie, you live in the ocean... We don't have alarms clocks". He didn't try to hold it in anymore, and busted out laughing.
I sat on my bed with my arms crossed waiting for him to finish. "You done yet?" I asked giving my dad an annoyed look. "Get ready honey, you leave in a hour". He said leaving the room chuckling. Oh yeah, today is the Awesome day I leave my beautiful kingdom and walk into a shithole. Better get ready. 
     Once I was done, which didn't take long since all I had to do was fix up my hair I went downstairs, to see my mom packing lunch. Her back was towards me so she didn't see me swim in. Being the awesome daughter I am, I decided to scare her. I swam up behind her and zapped her while screaming, making her drop the container she was holding. "RENAY EVENS!!!!! You almost gave me a heart attack" she screamed. "Damn mom, if your trying to pop my eardrums your doing a great job. and your over exaggerating".  She smiled shaking her head "Your an interesting child Rain" I gave her a big smile showing all my teeth.
     "So whats the oh-so-great plan you guys have?" I asked while taking a seat and watching my mom swim around the kitchen getting things prepared. "Your going to swim to shore with 5 guards. They'll drop you off at a place were there aren't any humans around. Your aunt will come pick you up with some clothes. From there she will take you to her house and show you around." Just as she finished all 5 guards and my dad walked in. 
"Its time to go honey" my dad said.
"Dad please tell me this is all a prank, your not really making me leave are you?" instead of answering he swam up to me and gave me a hug. "I'm gonna miss you honey" he said  "Then don't make me go!" maybe there still a chance I can stay. "I'm sorry, but we don't have a choice" and boom! just like that its gone. He gave me a hug and a kiss on the forehead before he swam back to his original spot. I turned around facing my mom who swam up to me and hugged me. when she pulled away I noticed she was crying. 
"Forgetting something..." she said while pulling my necklace from behind her. How the Fuck could I forget that!?! I guess I was to busy worrying  to realize I didn't have my most prized position on. "Come on mom, How could I forget that" I took it from her and wore it trying to play it off. "Mmmhmm" she said while raising an eyebrow. My great great great grandmother found this while trying to run away from the mere's who kidnapped her. She was at a dead end, and can hear them coming for her. Quickly she put it on. It started to glow and when they arrived they couldn't find her even though she was standing right in front of them. Ever since this necklace has been cherished in my family. It stopped glowing after she passed away, and after I was born it started again. We were told that once the necklace stops glowing it wont start again, so when I was born and it started everyone was shocked and knew I was the last royal mermaid alive. That's why everyone so protective of me, it gets annoying as hell but I learned to live with it.  
"You better get going sweetie" my dad said. while swimming out of the room with my mom. After taking a look around I realized how much I was gonna miss this place. "Its time to go princess" John said. He's basically family. On the day I was born he made an oath to always protect me, and not once has he ever broke it. He was always there even for the smallest things. Like this one time I got a cut on my arm and threw a big fit about it my dad told me that it was gonna heal and to be a big girl after he left John came in and cleaned it up then gave me candy. Hes like another dad to me and I'm gonna miss him almost as much as I'll miss my parents. With one last look, I sighed and swam out. At first I was in front but soon everyone changed their positions 2 guards were behind me 2 were beside me and John was in front. Typical.

A/N: pic of Renay's necklace. Isn't it awesome!

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