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Beauty In The Water
Story published April 22, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · 173 pages · 30,927 readers · 373,212 reads
Possessive surpris
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Possessive surprise

A/N: So I felt as if some people wouldn't understand the way I described the library in the last chap. So I drew a pic and labeled the area where Bleacher Boy sat, Where Renay heard his sneezes, and The entrance to behind the bookshelf (also where she saw the light shining from).
I hope that pic off to the side helps a little :) anyways............ Here's the next chap! Tell me what you think! 
**Renay's POV** 
"How did you find me?" Bleacher boy asked before sneezing once again. 
"That's how." I replied pointing my at him. He looked at me with a sheepish smile, which I returned with a grin. 
"Why do I always find you in the most randomest places?" I asked raising an eyebrow causing him to roll his eyes before replying with a smirk.
"Stop stalking me and you won't anymore."
"I don't stalk you. Maybe if you stopped sneezing so much I wouldn't have found you." 
"Well I'm sorry I can't control my sneezes." 
"You should be." I crossed my arms and looked away trying to imitate someone stuck up.
"It's probably just my allergies." He replied. Not being able to keep my act up any longer, I burst out into fits of laughter.
"A werewolf, with allergies! That's a new one." 
"What? It could happen!" A deep blush took over his face as he tried to hide a smile.
"Shut up." He replied shoving me playfully.
"So why are you hiding out?" I asked positioning myself so that my back was against the wall like his was.
"Who's says I'm hiding. It's a free period, and I want to spend it in the library." 
"Yeah, in the library. Not behind the bookshelves. What's making you want to always hide?" I looked at him with a confusion. It doesn't take a genius to tell he's hiding. Finding him either under or behind things makes it very obvious. I've also notice he's not very social, it's  usually me who starts the conversations and him who ends it. I guess it's not any of my business but I feel as if I need to know, like if I knew it would make a big difference.
"Nothing. I just don't like being around people." 
"Really?" I replied showing that I was not buying it at all. I earned a nod in reply by him.
"Your in a pack of more then like 500 werewolves and you don't like being around anyone.......... That's like saying I hate water. And we both know that's far from the truth." 
"I just don't like to. Okay! Can we leave it at that dammit!!" He said slightly raising is voice. But it didn't effect me at all. I stood up and dusted off the back of my pants before turning around and walking away. When I was about to turn the corner I looked back at him to see he was glaring at the floor with his hands clenched making his knuckles go white. 
"I'm going to figure you out. Secrets don't stay hidden forever you know. Take mine for example. Now every shifter near this area knows who I am. And sooner or later, I'll know who you truly are." I watched as his expression change from irritated to scared. Why he was scared; I had no idea. 
I made my way towards my bag before picking it up and leaving. I walked out of the library deciding that I didn't want to stay there and began walking down the deserted hallway lightly kicking my feet and playing with my necklace. 
I don't know how I knew, but I did. I knew that he was here and I knew that he wasn't that far from me. It was approved when I looked up and saw none other then Tyler in all his glory standing only mere inches from me.
His eyes held a slightly angered glint to it making me scrunch my eyebrows in confusion. Shouldn't I be the one that's angry? 
He stepped closer to me so that there was only an inch in between us. I felt his breath slightly hit my face as his eyes stared deeply into mine as if he was trying to read me. I was hypnotized by those same brown eyes that always seems to pull me in, causing a round of shivers to run through my body. And as much as I tried to deny it, I liked it.
Okay I lied, I love it. I have never meet anyone that could make me feel this way and I probably wont anymore. Tyler is the only one who has this kind of effect on me, but accepting it makes me feel as if I'm cheating myself. What he did still hurts, and it's going to take a lot more then a lame ass sorry excuse to earn my trust back. His mouth moved allowing words to run from those pink full lips. The words only hit me after my moment of daze. If only I knew how possessive he could be before this day. 
"Why do you smell like another male?" 
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