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Beauty In The Water
Story published April 22, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · 173 pages · 31,002 readers · 374,881 reads
First day of Schoo
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First day of School

I was standing in the middle of a dark room. Wondering how I got here, When I heard my name being called.
"Renay, my beautiful" a deep husky voice whispered. 
"W-who's there? "  
"Look at me, Renay. Look at me" the voice said calmly. Sending chills down my back.
"What do u want with me." I said raising my voice a little, showing him I wasn't scared. 
"Turn around my sweet" 
I felt a breeze behind me, making my hair swish to my right side. It came back but this time it blew from the opposite side. Then it started blowing like crazy. The wind got stronger to the point were I couldn't stand so I crouched down and covered my head with my arms. All of a sudden everything stopped, both the voice and the wind were gone. And it became quiet. Too quiet. I was counting my breathes to stop my rapidly beating heart, then looked up slowly. 
I gasped and my heart began beating fast again, but this time it wasn't of fear, it was of the way it was looking at me. There in front of me were these beautiful piercing chocolate brown eyes staring at me. They say that the eyes are the windows to a soul and whoever this was, were feeling lots of emotions right now. I could only pick out some of them; Pride, Lust, Admiration, Want, Happiness, and what caught me off guard the most, Love. 
"Renay. You have no idea how long I've waited for you" the voice whispered sending another round of chills down my back. 
"Who are you" I asked more confidently. 
"Close your eyes my love"  
"What? Why?" 
"Just do it my sweet. Trust me" for some odd reason I did. So I closed my eyes, and nothing happened. I waited for a minute then opened my eyes again. But this time I wasn't in the room. I was in the middle of a forest, and it was pouring out. I looked around for a sign of the Brown eyes but was left with nothing. Dropping to my knees I began to sob; I was in the middle of nowhere with no sign to get back. Then I heard a twig snap looking around I couldn't find anything.
"Renay, what's wrong my beautiful" the voice I heard earlier said. 
"Where are you?" I said, standing up. I don't care if I didn't know who this was, I knew that the presence of them would make me feel safe. 
"Right here my sweet" the voice said. 
"Where's here? I can't see yo-" I was at mid-sentence before a gigantic wolf jump out from the behind the trees. I stood there breathless. I was Feeling both Amazed and Awe but for some reason there wasn't any fear. I had this feeling deep inside my gut telling me this wolf wouldn't hurt me. It had a Gray fur with black tips on the ears, tail, and paws. What surprised me the most, was the eyes. They were the beautiful brown eyes that led me here. They were soo human like, filled with so much emotions, it just didn't add up. The wolf laid down then rolled over. Walking up to it I slowly knelt down and inched my hand to rub his belly. I could feel the fur on the tips of my fingers as my hand got closer. Right when my hand touched him, we were surrounded by growling. Looking around I noticed we were in the middle of a battle, literally. But this wasn't just a normal battle, this was a battle of Wolves. There was blood everywhere, and wolfs howling in pain as they got there heads ripped off of their bodies. The wolf I had my hand on, jumped up and ran off. I watched as he disappeared into the trees, making my heart drop to the bottom of my stomach for some reason. After he left everything became quiet and every wolf was looking at me, even the ones that were ripped to shreds were now back in one piece looking at me. A howl broke the silence and all the wolves began charging at me.  They came closer and closer, and all I could do was sit there, frozen in place. I tried moving but couldn't. I looked down to see I was chained to a wooden chair. How did I not notice this?! Looking up, I let out a ear piercing scream as I watched the wolf in front of me open his mouth showing of his large and sharp canines then lunge at me. 

I sat up and looked around. Relief filled me when I realized it was all just a dream and I was in the comfort of my room. Aunt Michie must have brought me here cause the last thing I remember was looking at a tree before falling asleep. Running my hand through my hair I looked at the clock and saw it was 6am. I'm not gonna get any sleep after that dream anyways so might as well get up. Opening the curtains I felt the sun rays hit me bringing a smile onto my face. I walked over to my closet and chose my outfit then set it on the bed. Walking into the bathroom, I striped down before jumping into the shower. I used the cherry blossom body wash and shampoo aunt Michie bought me (A/N: Cherry blossom is my favorite flower/scent)  then washed it off. Jumping out of the shower I rapped myself in a fluffy towel and walked out. I got dressed grabbed my bag Uncle Luke bought me filled with what I need to survive my classes. Walking downstairs I saw aunt Michie setting breakfast on the table, and uncle Luke reading the newspaper. 
"Hey hun. You ready for your first day of school?" Aunt Michie asked while I took a seat. 
"Nope" I said popping the "p" and putting on a smile. 
"You'll survive trust me" 
I smiled hoping she was right. And began to eat.  
Breakfast pasted by fast and by the time I knew it, uncle Luke was driving me to school. 
"Since we don't know how long your going to be here, I was thinking we should go get you your license." Uncle Luke said not taking his eyes of the road. 
"License. As in I get to drive" this caught me off guard. I came here only 4 days ago and I might be able to start driving!! 
"Yes, as in you get to drive" he said smiling. 
"Like in a actual car, with wheels." 
He started laughing but he didn't know I was being dead serious. 
"Yes Renay." 
"Uncle Luke this better not be a joke. Don't get my hopes up for nothing" 
"It's not a joke. We don't know if Michie and I would be called in early for work and can't drive you to school, so you getting your license is a good idea. Unless you don't want it." 
"YES! YES! YES! I WANT IT!!" I said jumping up and down in my seat. 
"Okay, we'll go this this Friday after you come home from school. Speaking of school, we're here" he said chuckling and pulling up to a school. 
All the excitement I felt was now replaced with nervousness. I looked out the window and towards the school, everyone I saw had someone to talk to. There were groups of jocks, emo's, nerds, sluts, and normal's all around. I guess I'm gonna have to be the loner today. 
"Well here goes nothing" I gulped and stepped out the car. 
"Good luck Rain. Don't be shy, make lots of friends and have fun." uncle Luke said then drove off to work.  
Turning around I noticed everything went quiet and everyone was looking at me. Soon after all the whispering started: 
"Who's the hot new girl" 
"What a whore"
"I wanna tap that" 
" no dude, I call dibs" 
"Why's her hair blue?"
"Damn she's fine" 

Choosing to ignore the comments I put on a smile and walked confidently into the school. 

A/N: pic of her school. 
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