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Random Celebrity Oneshots (Sort of?)
Story published April 22, 2013 · updated June 19, 2013 · 7 pages · 248 readers · 1,084 reads
Domani Harris
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Domani Harris

(Just so you know Domani Harris is T.I's son)

Character: Kaylee

Tiny: You girls did so good.

Kaylee, or as known by the public Gorgeous Springs was just coming off stage after rehearsal for the big show. They were performing a show tomorrow night. It just so happens tomorrow was Kaylee's birthday. Her group called 4 Seasonal Princesses. You had Fabulous Summers, Glitter Winters and Sparkly Autumn. She was the baby of the four girls. Tiny Cottle was there manager and she knew that Kaylee liked Domani. Domani knew he had feelings for Kaylee too. Fabulous real name was Alicia, Glitter was best known as Lily Ivy while Sparkly had the diverse name of Koletina.

Tina(Koletina): So Kaylee, when are you going to tell Domani you like him?

Kaylee: Never.

Lily: Why not?

Kaylee: He doesn't like me.

Alicia: How do you know that? Have you asked him about it?

Kaylee: Can we just drop this? I want to go home so I can work on what wear wearing tomorrow.

The girls always did this. Kaylee was used to it. She didn't want to talk about Domani because she liked him so much. Tonight Kaylee was deciding what the girls were going to wear. She decided on





The next day she was happy because it was her birthday. She as turning 13 and was on stage very happy. At the end of their song the girls brought out a chair. I sat down only to be hugged from behind. I turned around only to be met by a pair of lips. When we pulled apart it was Domani.

Domani: Happy birthday. Listen I like you, Will you be my girlfriend?

Crowd: Yes x5

Me: You heard them.

I whispered to my girls: Best Birthday Ever!

When they turned 20 they got married. They had twin girls MeLora and MeLina.