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Carl Grimes *Love Story*(Not Finished)
Story published April 24, 2013 · updated June 22, 2013 · 7 pages · 48 readers · 166 reads
Please Don't Take
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Please Don't Take Him Death

Rick's P.O.V
All I heard was ringing in my ears as I felt the warm silky blood all over my hands and clothes as I ran throw the field with Carl in my arms. He has lost so much blood I think there is more on me the in him. Dear god don't let him die.

Rick's P.O.V
Hersely add me sitting out side of the room will he worked on Carl.
"Rick he needs blood. Now!" Maggie said walking out of the  room.
Shane and I rushed into the room. Patricia was ready for me as soon as I stepped in the room. Carl laid struggling on the bed as Hersely tried to remove one of the bullet fragments.
"You come hold him down!" Hersely yelled to Shane.
Carl was screaming in aganising pain I couldn't take it any more.
" Stop your killing him." I screamed at Herselypulling away from Pretrisa.
"Rick do you want him to live?'"
He needs blood!" Pretrisa said pulling on my arm.
"DO IT NOW!" Shane yelled to Patricia.
Hersely struggled to get the first fragment out as Carl stopped screaming and closed his eyes.
"Wa- wa- wai- wait." Shane studder the words out looking at Hersely.
"He just passed out." Hersely responded calmly.
Hersely finally got the first fragment out.
"One down... Five to go." He said no releaved.
Rick's P.O.V.
Carl was still unconsions will the blood transfusion went on and as Hersely checked his pulse. All I could think about is our son had been shot and Lori didn't even know. She need to be here she needs to see her son.
"Presure is stabble." Hersely said to Patricia who was taking out the needle in Carl's arm.
"Lori need to be here. She doesn't even know what's going on I've got o go find her and bring her back." I said very worried for Carl.
"You can't do that." Hersely said calmly.
"SHE  HIS MOTHER." I yelled throw gridded teeth. "She need to know what happened. That her son is lying here shot." I said calming down.
"And he's going to need more blood...You can't go more then 50 feet from this bed." Hersely said as Patricia helped me up.
"Hey.Hey come on."Shane whispered to me.
"I'm alright." I said walking towards the door.
I walked into the living room to see Maggie and Oatis sitting their.
"He's stabble for now." Shane told them.
they both looked releaved to hear that.
"Lori has to be here Shane. She as to know." I told shane.
"I know. I get that. I'ma handle it.But you get to handle your end."
" My end?" I asked puzzled.
" Your end is being here for your son. And even if he didn't need your blood to survive Their is no way i'd ever let you walk out that door man I'd break your legs if you tried. I mean you know that right? If some thing happen to him and you weren't here... If he slipped away while you were gone you would never fogive yourself for that and think of Lori man."Shane said while I started to cry.
"Your right." I said pulling myself together.
"When am I ever wrong." Shane said god like.