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You saved me (DONE!)
Story published April 25, 2013 · updated 7 months ago · completed · 62 pages · 9,839 readers · 105,164 reads
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                                                                                         Niall's P.O.V
  I woke up with Angie in my arms again. Lately I've been waking up everyday with her in my arms. Not that I'm complaining or anything. She slowly turned towards me and I saw her tear stained face. Then I remembered that she woke up crying yesterday because of her nightmare. I tried to slip out of bed without waking up Angie but I didn't do a very good job. "Good morning love." I said kissing her cheek when she opened her eyes. "Hey Niall." She said. "How'd you sleep after you went to sleep again?" I asked sitting up and looking down at her. "Better after you sang to me." She said laying her head on my lap. "That's good. Glad I could help." I said. "Thanks Niall. If it wasn't for you, I would still be crying." She said looking up at me. "Anytime. How about we go get breakfast because it's late and the boys are probably wondering where we are." I said. "Sure as long as you give me a piggy back ride." She said. "Fine." I said getting up. I faced the door and she jumped on my back. She really didn't way anything. I held onto the back of her thigh so she wouldn't fall. I opened the door with one hand and walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Well good morning sleeping beauty's." Louis said. Angie jumped off my back and hugged Louis. "Good morning Lou." She said sweetly. "Hey Zaynnie." She said hugging him. "Good morning beautiful." He said hugging her back. She did the same with the rest of the boys. "So what was all the screaming last night from your room." Harry asked. "Angie had a nightmare last night and she was yelling." I said. We all looked at Angie who was eating cereal. "What?" She asked with her mouth full. We all laughed. "What was the dream about that made you scream a lot?" Liam asked. I looked at her and I could tell she was replaying the dream in her head. Her eyes were big and she looked like she was about to cry. "Um it about the day that my dad came home drunk and raped me and the I dreamed that my dad wasn't in jail and he found me here. Then that he killed you all in front of me and he took me back to Florida." She said with a tear going down her face. "Aww baby, are you ok?" Zayn said as he hugged her. "Yeah, Niall sang to me so I could fall asleep." She said whipping her tears away. We all started to eat.
     While we sat around the t.v eating, my phone rang. "Hello?" I said as I picked it up. "Hey Niall, it's Justin." He said. I put him on speaker. "Oh hey Justin, what's up?" I said looking at Angie. As soon as she heard the name Justin her head shot up smiling. "Um I'm going to be in London for awhile and I was wondering if I could stay with you guys?" He said. "Um I would have to ask Harry but yeah why not." I said. Angie's smile grew really big. "Yeah that's ok with me." Harry said. "Oh I'm on speaker?" Justin asked. "Yeah." I said. "Oh well ok thanks Harry." He said. "No problem." Harry said. "So I'm going to the airport right now so I should be there in like 10 hours. Can you guys please pick me up?" Justin asked."Sure." Angie said. "Oh hey beautiful." Justin said. 
                                                                 My P.O.V
    "Hey Justin." I said smiling. "How you doing?" He asked. "Good, thanks. You?" I asked. "Better now that I'm talking to
you." He said. "Glad that I made your day better." I said smiling. "You can make anybody's day better not matter what." He said. "Why thank you, makes me feel better." I said giggling. "Well I have to go, see you later sweet cheeks." He said. "Ok bye." I said. Then he hung up. "Seems like Justin is getting a liking you." Louis said wiggling his eyebrows. "Yeah. Maybe you and him will be more than just friends?" Zayn said. "Not if I'm around." Harry said being stubborn. "Are you going to deny every guy that's going to like me?" I asked with my arms crossed. "Until I like him for you than yes." He said. "You are a stubborn cookie." I said pouting. "Well that's why I'm your brother." He said. "Niall please tell him that he's being a little to stubborn." I said hoping that Niall would agree with me. "Well he kinda has a point. All he's trying to do is protect you and when it comes to you, he wants to make sure that you get a good guy, that's all." Niall said. "Niall really?!?!? I thought you would understand where I'm coming from cause you have to admit that he is being really stubborn." I said. "Yeah mate, loosen up a bit." Louis said. "Oh so now you're on my sisters side?" Harry said. "Well she kinda has a point." Zayn said."You too Zayn?" Harry said. "Liam what do you think?" I asked. "Don't get me in the middle of this please." Liam said trying to stay out of it. "Fine. Can we please not argue about this? He might not even like me, so why worry?" I said. "Fine. How about you go change and we can go do something." Harry said. "Ok I'll be right back." I said going up stairs. 
       I took a shower and changed into this: brushed my teeth and went downstairs. "So what are we going to do?" I asked as i walked into the living room. "Um why don't we go shopping?" Niall suggested. "Sure why not?" Louis said. "Yeah so lets go." Zayn said. Harry grabbed his keys and we all pilled into his car.
                                                                 ~Skip shopping and car ride~
   "Guy don't you think you spent a little to much money on me?" I said as we all walked in with bags full of clothes and shoes all for me."Why would you say that?" Louis asked as he placed the bags he brought in on the floor and falling onto the couch. "Um well, I don't know you spent $4,190.00 all on me." I said sitting next to him. "Baby, we spent that on you because we wanted to." Liam said as he came in with the last few bags. "I didn't want you to spend like over $100 on me." I said feeling bad. "Angie it's not even possible for us to spend that. We always end up spending more." Harry said. "Plus you didn't get that much stuff." Zayn said. "Really well I got 4 varsity jackets, 9 pairs of shorts, 4 skirts, 4 dresses, 3 heels, 2 pairs of converse, a pair of flats, a pair of combat boots, 4 pairs of jeans, and 11 tops but no I didn't get anything at all." I said with my arms crossed. This was all the stuff that I got: Niall got me the shirts, Liam got me the jeans and the shoes, Harry got me the dresses and the skirts, Zayn got me the varsity jackets, and Louis got me the shorts. "Angie stop feeling bad about it, this was our late birthday present to you." Niall said picking me up and sitting in my spot and setting me on his lap. By now I've gotten use to it so I don't really react anymore. "Why you guys got me it isn't my problem the problem is the quantity." I said. "Stop arguing about this. We already bought it and you're going to keep it....... all of it." Louis said. "Fine." I said pouting. "And you're bringing all of it on tour." Harry added. "You hate me don't you." I said. "No we love you that's why we're doing this." Zayn said. "Hey guys we have to go pick up Justin now. He's plane is about to land." Niall said. I got up and climbed into the car. The rest of the boys followed me and we headed for the airport.
                                                                     ~Justin's P.O.V~
     I got off the plane and almost right away I heard screaming fans. Some body guards lead me to my bags. I grabbed them and waited by the exit for the boys to come. I was pretty excited to meet Angie in person. I took out my phone and went on twitter. "Justin." I heard the very familiar Irish accent say from behind me. "Niall." said as I turned around. We both brought it in for a bro hug. "How have you been." He asked as we stood there. "Good. You?" I asked."Having fun with the new family member that Harry got." He said. "Oh yeah Harry's pretty sister." I said with a wink. "Watch it." Harry said coming up next to me. Then the rest of the boys came next to us. "Hey boys." I said to all of them. "Hey." They said in sync. "Watch what you say about my sister." Harry said. "I'm sorry but I meant it as a compliment." I said nervous. "Wait what did he say about me?!?!" Angie asked coming next to Niall. "Oh nothing he called you pretty, Harry's just over reacting." Louis said. Pretty was an under statement. She was pretty, gorgeous, beautiful, hot, sexy all at once. She looked good in pictures but better in person. "Of course he is. He always does." She said. We all laughed.

      We all walked to Harry's car. Niall helped me put my bags in the trunk and we all climbed in. I ended up sitting next to Angie and Niall was on the other side of her. Her head was on his shoulder and he had his arm around her. "So are you and Niall dating?" I asked hoping that she would say no. "No me and him are really close. Maybe as close as me and Harry." She said. I smiled at her answer. "Why? Do you want something?" She asked. "Bsssshhhh nothing." I said. "Really?! Cause your red cheeks say something different." She said giggling. Her giggle is so cute. Everybody else was laughing. The rest of the ride, we all laughed and had fun.
                                                                           ~My P.O.V~
     As soon as we walked we, we tripped over bags. "Sorry about all the bags." I said to Justin who was behind me. "Damn that's a lot of bags. Who's all this for?" He asked as I sat on the couch. "Oh for me." I said. "really?!? Somebody went on a shopping spree." He said. "Correction we took her on a shopping spree." Louis said coming in and sitting next to me. "Yeah she didn't necessarily want to go on a shopping spree but we took her on one anyway." Niall said sitting on the other side of me. "Damn right." I said. "Angie it's getting late do you think we should watch a movie?" Harry said walking into the living room from the kitchen. "I guess." I said. "How about toy story." Liam said. "Liam sweet heart no." I said. "How about a scary movie?" Niall said. "Yes." I said. "Fine let me put one on." Harry said going through the dvd's. Harry picked one and put it in. There was a couple scary parts so I covered my face with Niall's shoulder. I guess I ended up falling asleep.