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Hetalia Fan Fiction. When Hetalia Characters invaded my Life
Story published April 27, 2013 · updated May 7, 2013 · 5 pages · 186 readers · 271 reads
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HETALIA fan fiction.
Bella sat at her desk fidgeting with the clay. She hated being called Bella and told everyone to call her Netalia. She refused to be called Bella. She knew that there was a supply teacher in the class room but where was he? Suddenly someone steps through the door. The second he entered people began whispering about his height. And some how they fond him scary looking. I didn't ne'er stand why. He appeared about six something or other maybe close to seven feet which was nuts. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. Hmm tall blue eyes and blonde hair. He must be Scandinavian. Swedish would be my guess. 
"Hello. I am Mr. Sweden." His voice was deeper then expected and his accent was thick. Yeah he was defiantly Swedish. But Mr. Sweden?
The other children agreed they smirked and googled about it. 
"Are you from Germany?" One asked the dumbest question I had ever heard.
"Sweden. Do I look German?" He seemed to be trying sarcasm but failed. The class burst out in laughter. I mean a Swedish guy named Mr. Sweden? 
"Uh what are we learning first?" I tried to change the topics and he looked right at me. I was weird. I was timid but the people that usually seem frightening to me are not frightening. He blinked. 
"I'll be teaching you creative writing and expository writing." 
"Yay!" I pumped m fists into the air. God I loved writing. 
During the time he was writing on the board Justin was blabbering off to his friends. Mr. Sweden turned placed the chalk on the desk and glared at him. Now I sloth saw why he appeared creepy to some.
"Listen to the class." He warned him and Justin practically jumped out of his seat screaming in terror. Woah he was good at getting some people to listen. After English Mr. Sweden checked the cloak. 
"We'll I have to go somewhere. Someone will be filling in for me."
"Aren't you filling in for our teacher?" One kid raised an eyebrow.
"What's your point?" And with that he left the room. 
I stared at him while he left. Now I was utterly confused. I had noticed he looked similar to an anime character. Who happened to be named Sweden. And had a deep voice and was jus like him. It started creeping me out yet again that happens right?
I began drawing out of boredom and then the door opened. Another man walked in and my jaw dropped. It was this spacy looking guy. He had longish messy brown hair and a simple t shirt and jeas. And a cat on his shoulder. He appeared to be half asleep.
"Wo are you?" A kid sighed.
"I am Mr. Greece. Will be teaching you math." He flopped not the chair. "Open your books question 1 to 10." He then began quietly snoring. 
"Is he allowed to fall asleep." Rex poked him with his pen. "He's out cold. That takes skills!" 
"I guess so." Someone shrugged.
"I can get him to wake up." I offered and everyone stared at me as I'd to say no. "Greece. Cat." The second I said cat he jumped up. 
"Huh? Oh did everyone finish their work?"
"No one started. You should just be awake to watch us." I pointed out and he lazily blinked before sitting back down. He began petting his cat. After an hour he checked the cloak. "All right math is over. Ill be leaving." And he headed to the door but it opened. Sme darker skinned guy stuck his head in. He had a mask. I wonder why and a big goofy looking hat. Mr. Greece seemed angered by seeing him. 
"Ha! Greece!" The man laughed annoying him obviously.
"Turkey I hate you! Feel the wrath of Sparta!" He chased the man or Turkey out the door and you could hear him screaming angrily as the turkey guy laughed his a ss off.
Everyone stared at the door. A blank expression on their faces except for me. My jaw was dropping and I thought. Turkey? Sweden? Greece? This was officially creepy. 
Then another guy walked in.
"What the he ll!" I looked up at the roof with guestion written on my face. It's guy looked like Romano from hetalia! He had the darker hair and the curl and the same look of i hate everything. 
"What the ( many a couloir ful swear word here) is your problem? Any way I'm Mr. Romano. Don't call me that jus call me Romano. Now I have to teach you little (swearing) some family life." His expression became even more hateful.
After family life I sat there stunned. He had a plethora of colourful words all very rude and he also walked out the door at random. And not to mention randomly began eating a tomato. 
Then some muscular man walked in. I just stared. He looked like Germany. 
"Let me guess. Your Mr. Germany right?"
"Yes I am. I will be your gym teacher. So straighten up!" He screeched a us and everyone jumped into line. After gym and the bus rife home I sat there thinking what the he ll. a guy named Spain taught us dance. A guy named Austria taught us music and all the others. This was weird. Well it was time for cadets, tonight I was to be taught how to fire a rifle. I sat in the class room and my jaw dropped. A guy that looked just like Switzerland was there. A girl that looked like Rita hawk eye heck I think it was her. Impossible Rita was an anime character. And Finland. 
"Uh. Who are you?" I asked shyly and the Switzerland guy turned on his heels. He even had an AK 47.
"I am officer cadet Switzerland," he replied.
I just face palmed. What the he ll was my thoughts. "And the others?"
"I am Flight Sargent Hawkeye." She nodded. Hey Riza Hawkeye from the anime was not a flight Sargent.
"I am corporeal Finland." The Finland guy nodded.
"Why the he ll are anime characters in my life!" I screamed finally and they all stared at me. After lessons and that stuff I was being driven home. After getting out of the car and sleeping the night in the morning I was heading to school and saw all the people that were there. 
"A! Tu again!" I pointed at them all and some smiled.
"Question. Why are you all hetalia characters except for her?" I pointed to Riza. 
They all shrugged.
"Did you get starled?" Turkey grinned as Greece gave him the death stare.
"Wat else do you think?" I rolled my eyes. 
"Then good!" And with that they left. I just stared. 
After I went home I constantly ran into name characters from then on. They all seemed to know me. It scared me when it was the evil guys. I was chased by a demon dog and saved by his half brother. I was attacked by some ninja in a mask but another ninja in orange saved me. It was the weirdest.