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One Direction Preferences
Story published April 28, 2013 · updated August 27, 2013 · 31 pages · 8,541 readers · 37,926 reads
He cheats
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He cheats

Liam: Your sister was having you and Liam over for her dinner party. You both had and great time.

 "The dinner was lovely sis." You said and she smiled.

"Thanks. I'm really glad toy and Liam were able to come." She said and you then turned to look at Liam, but didn't see him. You told your sister to hold on why you look for Liam.

You went into the hallway and heard noises in a room. You nosily opened the door and saw Liam sucking faces with your sister's best friend Mary.

"Liam!" You screeched. Liam turned his head with wide eyes.

"No Y/N its not what it looks like." He said defending himself.

"Then what the hell is it suppose to look like?" You asked angry.

"She came onto me I swear." He said. You looked at the woman and she sighed.

"I'm sorry I got drunk." She said slurring a bit. You calmed down and went up and hugged Liam.

"I'm sorry Y/N I didn't mean for it to happen. I was bored when you were talking and wandered around the house then I got pulled it this room." He said.

"Its ok Liam I forgive you." You said and he smiled.

Zayn: Zayn had just taken you out on the most lovely date the other day. It was perfect and made your heart flutter. So tonight you were going to make him a special dinner. You waited for 3 hours for him and the food got cold so you threw it all away and went to bed.

Later on you heard the door opening. You heard giggling then silence came. You peered out from you room and saw two figures laying on the couch stripping one another. You figured it was of the other boys, but then the girl said something that made your heart pound.

"Oh Zayn." She giggled. Angered you stomped over to the couch and ripped the girl off of Zayn and threw her to the ground.

"Keep your filthy hands off my boyfriend you slut!" You said as tears fell. You ran from the hotel room. When you got to the elevator someone grabbed your arm.

"Y/N I'm so sorry. I got drunk and I wasn't thinking straight. When I saw you throw that girl I sobered up right away. Please don't leave. I love you." Zayn said. You turned around and crashed your lips to his.

"I'm not a jealous freak, but what's mine is mine end of story." You said and he nodded.

Louis: You were having along and hard day at work. Your boss was being a dick and you were tried and hurting all over. You were also 9 months pregnant. Soon enough you were able to go home. When you got home you decide to go in your room and lay down. As soon as you opened the door you saw Eleanor on top of Louis kissing him and he was kissing back. His hands going up her shirt. Tears fell down your cheeks as you left quietly.

You wrote him a note telling him that you hope he is happy with Eleanor and that the baby wont have anything to do with him.


1 year later you were trying to calm down a screaming baby. Soon enough she fell asleep in your arms. You put her in her bed and you crashed out on the couch. A few minutes later there was a knock at your door. You got up and answered it.

"Louis?" You asked surprised.

"Y/N I have been trying to find you forever. You completely disappeared and I got so depressed. I didn't cheat with Eleanor. She came onto me when I was in stress about that baby." He said. Tears fell down your cheeks.

"I forgive you, but for the baby's sake mostly. For now." You said.

"I understand." Louis said

Niall: Today was a normal day for you. You had work, chores, and shopping to do. Like always because Niall seemed so busy. Today was your one day off and Niall had to work. So you decided to watch TV. Then something caught your attention.

"Niall caught cheating on Y/N?" The person said said. A video popped up and it showed Niall kissing Demi. You knew it wasn't fake because it showed his face. Then the door flung open causing you to jump. Niall stood in the door way.

"Y/N its not what it looks like I swear." He said.

"So you did kiss her?" You asked, your voice cracking. He nodded and tears fell.

"But I didn't want to. She was crying and I went in to hug her and our lips met by accident." He explained. You nodded and he walked over to you.

"I love you and only you Y/N." He said then kissed you.

Harry: You decided to go out and go to a club with your girlfriends. Harry stayed behind so you can be with the friends you haven't seen in a while. The night seemed to fly by and you went home.

"Harry I'm home." You yelled when you got home.

You heard a few noises from the bedroom like someone was in a rush, and you walked to the bedroom, opening the door. Harry stood there with a towel wrapped around his waist water dripping from his hair and his abs. Before you could react and bright red bra on the floor caught your eye. You walked over towards it and picked it up.

"This is not mine Harry." You said. He opened his mouth to speak then you heard a noise coming from the closet. You walked towards it and opened it carefully. There stood a half naked girl trying to cover herself.

"It seems I have interrupted something." You said calmly. You stood up straight and began to leave.

"Y/N wait." Harry said as he grabbed your arm. You yanked away from him and slapped him. Harry's hand went up and held his cheek and looked at you. Tears fell and your voice cracked.

"I loved you." Was all you could say before running away from your true love. Completely and utterly heart broken.
Liam James Payne
Zayne Jawaad Malik
Louis William Tomlinson
Niall James Horan
Harold Edward Styles
5 boys. 4 British. 1 Irish.
Stole the hearts of thousands of girls
And became the biggest boy band ever