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Caged Sparrow (Deadman Wonderland Fanfic) *ON HOLD*
Story published April 28, 2013 · updated 2 months ago · 8 pages · 161 readers · 612 reads
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Name: Takeshi (Warrior, fierce) Hoshi (Star) (Fierce Star)

Nickname: Sparrow, Shi, Star

Age: 18+

Personality: quiet, reserved, hates people. Aggressive when fighting, silently stubborn, boastful in a quiet way (her carnival corpse t-shirt), confident, independent. On the inside she's very shy, and wants to be loved,  she is very grateful and shows gratitude in a physical way, but being in Wonderland has forced her to hide her true self.

Looks: (picture) blue eyes

Past: Grew up knowing she could control her blood. Her parents didn't know, her older brother did. Used to be a bright, bubbly, happy, loud child. Was taken from her home at 16 and placed into Deadman Wonderland after a neighbor reported her strange ability. Was not forced to participate in the games until she was 18, due to being used for other purposes by the guards (She was raped multiple times) Was/is often confused for a boy.

Style: keeps her boobs taped up (So it looks like she has none) baggy clothes, hoodies, sweat shirts, tennis shoes. Of course she has the collar, but she gets away without the prisons jumpsuit because of her Pre-Carnival Corpse Contestant activities.
        Normal: (The knife is kept on the wrapping around her boobs)
        Sleepwear: (only outfit she doesn't keep her boobs wrapped in)
        Carnival Corps: (knife is kept on wrap)

Strengths: fighting, keeping a blank face, violinist, singing, photography

Weaknesses: her charm bracelet (Given to her by her brother), skin contact

Family: Muyuki (Mom) Tanaka (Dad) Shizui (Younger Sister) Saji (Older Brother)

Friends: Mockingbird+

Branch of Sin: Sparrows Wing

Abilities: uses the knife on her wrappings to slit her palm open, creates a scythe from her blood. Offensive fighter, takes prey out quickly with as little play as possible.

Other: Uses the training room at night when no one is there. Adrenaline junkie