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Youtuber Imagines.
Story published April 29, 2013 · updated May 15, 2013 · 10 pages · 5,483 readers · 21,873 reads
Finn Harries Imagi
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Finn Harries Imagine!

Finn was your best friend, and helped you through everything. He was so sweet, kind, caring, amazing, cute, and awesome! You developed feelings for him through the Summer and now, you feel like your in love! You wanna tell Finn but you knew he wouldn't feel the same. So you kept it a secret. And Sam was the only boy who knew you liked Finn. Sam would beg you to tell Finn but you never agreed. Today, you went to the house. The boys invited you over to play some games, kick back, and relax! You couldn't say no! When you got there the first boy to see you was Sam. "Hey (Y/N) i need to talk to you." he said leading you to his room. "What?" you said walking in as he shut the door. "You need to tell Finn! And i mean right now!" He said quietly looking at you. "Why?! You know i don't want to!" You said to Sam. "Guys! Come on were gonna play Truth or Dare!" Louis yelled from downstairs. "Coming!" Sam said loudly. "Please just tell him! Please?!" He said begging almost yelling please loudly. "I will! Just. shush!" you said walking downstairs. You sat down on the couch seeing Finn, Jack, Marcus, and Louis looking at you. Sam walked down as the boys looking at you and Sam, "Woah! No guys we didn't do what your thinking!" Sam said looking at them all. "Right. Okay so lets play!" Marcus said looking at you. Jack kept smirking looking at you and Finn, Giving Marcus some  signals you didn't understand. "Me first!" Louis said loudly. "Okay go!" Marcus said. "(Y/N) Do you like someone in this room?" Louis asked. "Uhm, Yeah." You said staring at the ground. Jack started nudging Finn. "Alright my turn!" Jack Said putting his arm on Finn's shoulder. "Kay!" Sam Said Stretching his arms out. "(Y/N) I Dare You to walk up to the boy you like, and kiss his cheek." Jack said smirking. "Bu- Fine." You Said Slowly getting up. All The boys watching you except Finn. You slowly walked towards Finn, probably blushing harder than you ever had before. You kissed his cheek then jumped on the couch. You covered your face with the pillow. "Aweee!" They all said, but Finn was blushing. "Truth or Dare Finn?" Louis asked. "Dare." He replied. "I Dare you to tell her!" They all said. Finn got up and walked to you, pulling the pillow off your face. "(Y/N).. I Kinda.. Lik- Scratch That. I Really Love You.. Will You Go Out With Me?" Finn said holding your hand. You Smiled. "I'd Love Too." You Said Hugging Him And The Boys cheering.