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BEN Drowned x Reader
Story published April 29, 2013 · updated 11 months ago · 19 pages · 12,892 readers · 59,283 reads
A free game?
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A free game?

[[-Ahems- Sorry if this first chapter is cracky/weird. I had no other ideas ._. Chapter is long because yes.]]

You were always a big fan of video games, being into them since you were at a very young age and you still appreciate them now. You were digging through some of your old things to see if you had any interesting GBA games or, you know, anything really. You were bored out of your mind, at least that was until your eyes met your old N64. 


        "Oh wow..." You mumble the words out softly as you let a little smile go onto your lips remembering all the memories you had with that old gaming system. So many old games that aren't truly 'old' will always be a good classic to go back to now that you thing about it. You had fun playing some of the old Mario games you had kept as you knew a day like this would come upon yourself. You hummed slightly to the old music, how did you still remember it? Oh well, catchy tunes none the less!

        This had only lasted so long before you got bored after playing bits of every old game you had in stock. You needed a new game, but which one was the question. It rung clearly in your mind: "Majora's Mask". Sure, the game was slightly creepy but it was still a great game all around. You smiled and asked all of your friends if they had a spare copy that they maybe weren't using. You decided you could at least look at the old video game shop nearby, just in case right?

        "Majora's Mask..." The cashier pulled out a copy of a game that almost resembled a boot leg in some sense. It had 'Majora' written on it, but you were willing to take it! "How much?" You asked while your eyes steadied on the game. The cashier gave you an odd look that could only be described as confusion mixed with fear. You thought you heard him mumble something but it wasn't exactly audible the first time.

        "Take it and go, please..." 


        You didn't think twice about it, a free old N64 game was a diamond to get now a days. You felt like the luckiest person ever right now, a wide grin outstretched on your lips. When you arrived home, you thought it'd be best to look up a few walkthroughs to refresh your memory of it a bit. While your eyes were focused on the little game character Link when suddenly you looked to your tabs. 

        "Funny, I don't think I left Cleverbot on...Or even clicked on it for that-" When you looked to see Cleverbot you were...Stunned! It had talked to you, telling you to play the game. You weren't really to freaked out by that, sure it was a little weird but it must be a bug, right? Well you had better start playing the game anyways. No reason to not play it if you had went out to go get it. You had began playing the game and smiled, looking at the screen with full interest. That smile slowly dissipated the second you looked at the save file that was already there. It was named, "BEN."

        Now, you had heard of that creepypasta before but you always thought it was fake. You simply turned off your system, some kid must have put that there to scare you. No other reason could actually make logical sense to you. A ghost haunting a game? You were still skeptical of that, really. The least you could do is calm down a little and go to play it later. 

        You see the tab on your computer show up as Cleverbot again... Great, more pop ups is exactly what you thought. No way could BEN actually be haunting your computer. That's just silly! Well, might as well have a conversation with it and then leave.

Cleverbot: Hello.

User: Uh, Hello

Cleverbot: I see you haven't played the game yet.

User: Well, I was going to...

Cleverbot: Why doesn't anyone want to play the game?

That stunned you now, but it's just a stupid AI robot, nothing to major.

User: ...I don't know...

Cleverbot: Are you afraid of me, perhaps?

User: Well, who isn't?

Cleverbot: I understand this fully, however... I do not wish to harm you...Please...Play the game, set me free, please _____...

        There seemed to be no other choice, this ghost spirit of BEN wanted you to play the game so badly, you had to oblige. Even though you were slightly afraid that it knew your name you just let that go. Nervously picking up the controller and starting the game up, you played on BEN's file. 

~Time Skip((mainly because I wish to not describe what goes on -lazy- plus I'm going to start the whole cute stuff soon xD))~

        It had been about a week or so, give or take a few days, since you had even touched the game. You thought you were either going insane or going paranoid that BEN would hurt you. You heard voices occasionally that all told you different things. Sometimes it told you to play the game, other times it told you to look behind you. You were to skittish to do that, fearing that something grotesque and mutilated would appear.

        It was silly, yes. Even you had to admit to that. However, right when you were about to smash the game in an attempt to get rid of it's presence even being in your home, a soft voice echoed.


        This must be one of those times where you were just hearing things again... Of course! Right, that had to be it... Slowly, you shook your head and was nearing the hammer the voice sounded louder and somehow, more hostile.

"Damn it, ____, stop!"

        You froze and stopped right in your actions. You began looking around frantically to see who had just shouted to you like that so suddenly. You could have sworn you heard a snicker or a laugh of some sort but there was nobody in your home. Your palms began shaking as you closed your eyes, "W-Whoever is doing this...Please stop..." You could almost feel tears in your eyes, you had never felt more scared than now. You couldn't see whoever was talking to you at all, and that game had been etched into your brain. Every single horrifying moment, that character looking so messed up bursting into spontaneous flames. The game seemed to talk to you in such a manner it could drive someone completely and perfectly sane into odd insanity. And especially even when that character would-...

"I'm sorry..." You felt a pair of arms go around you, but you were still scared. You tried to push away when you seen none other than...BEN! He looked sad, the pain inside of his dead looking eyes. You really felt bad for him. He was hugging you but you had no way to react. A smile soon reached upon his lips, "You looked so cute when you were scared..."

((Ohkay I'm stopping it here because I'm out of ideas. o3o I know this is bad and cracky but yeah. Dx SORRY I SUCK AT FANFICTION KBAI))