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One Direction Imagines!
Story published April 30, 2013 · updated May 27, 2013 · 5 pages · 24,291 readers · 55,862 reads
Niall Horan- Fight
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Niall Horan- Fight

     Niall storms into your bedroom, which startles you. 
    "Hey babe," You say. He tosses his phone at you, with his twitter account pulled up. You read the tweets. There are pages and pages of them, saying how you're only dating Niall because he's 'changed his look.' He looks at you, eyes full of hate. 
     "So? Is it true? You're only dating me because you think I'm hot now?" He says, nearly shouting. 
    "Why the hell would you think that?" You ask him, hurt. He looks down, a bit angry. Niall runs his hand though his bleach blonde hair. He shakes his head. 
     "I don't know. Maybe because every girl would? Because love doesn't exist? It's all a damn status game," he breathes out. His expression softens. You begin to tear up. You grab Niall's hand. 
    "Let me show you something," You say to him. You pull him down onto your bed and take out your scrapbook from underneath the frame. You hand it to Niall, who doesn't open it, and just stares at you. "Go on."
     Niall opens the book, flipping through the pages of photos in which he doesn't have braces, or perfect teeth, or a quiff quite like Zayn's. He's adorable and he refuses to believe it. A tear splatters onto one of the pictures of Niall, but you don't do anything to comfort him. You watch Niall as he flips through the book. The pictures progress over the years, into the time of now, in which he has braces, nearly perfect teeth and hair resembling Zayn's. Niall slams the book shut, chucking it at the wall. He's crying, and he puts his head in his hands. You rub his back. 
     "Niall. Talk to me," You say. A few moments pass. 
     "Can I ask you an honest question?" Niall asks, his Irish accent burning a hole in your heart. You nod your head. He looks you in the eye. "Would you have dated me if I didn't look like this? If I was still... Like that?" He asks, gesturing to the poster of himself on your wall from his early days. You look at him as if he's crazy, his bright blue eyes bloodshot from crying. You start to cry as well. 
     "Of course, Niall! Look at me. Am I in any position to judge anyone for what they look like?" Immediately, Niall's eyes dart up to your forehead. To the scar. You look away, continuing to talk. "If you would've asked me before you started to change, I would've forbade anyone to touch your teeth. I would've not let you cut your hair. Why can't you see you're amazing?" Niall grabs your chin, turning your head toward him. You are both in tears. 
    "(Y/N). I only feel amazing when you feel you're beautiful. I'm sorry, I know you don't like it when anyone says anything to you about your looks, but you are gorgeous. The fact that you don't think you're the prettiest girl in the world makes me feel like I'm not a good boyfriend. I'm not doing my job, because when I asked you to be mine, that's one of the things I promised myself. That I would make you feel beautiful," Niall says to you. Tears fall down your face. 
     "I'm not the prettiest girl in the world. But I just would like you to know, Ni, love exists. I love you. That's how I know. It isn't a status game, I wouldn't care if you weren't rich or famous. I love you for you," You tell him. He pulls you in for a tight hug. 
    "I love you more. You are so beautiful..." Niall says. He pulls away, and kisses you. For a while. And you just know, Niall is, and always has been, the one. 
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