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Fast and Furious Fanfic
Story published April 30, 2013 · updated 6 months ago · 12 pages · 4,826 readers · 44,367 reads
Secrets Unleashed
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Secrets Unleashed

“Let’s play never have I ever.” Letty suggested, bouncing down the stairs.
“Tej, you’re up first.” Dom announced once everyone had shots of Fireball in front of them.
“Never have I ever slept with Dom.” He smirked winking at Letty.
“Guilty.” Letty smiled, raised her shot glass in mock toast, and sucked it back. We went around the circle, everyone smug at not having to take a shot.
Suddenly all eyes were on me. I gulped, looking around at everyone. I reluctantly picked up my shot glass, and poured the liquid down my throat.
“Now this is a story we need to hear.” Roman laughed.
“We were both drunk at a party, we were sixteen, it hasn’t happened again, and believe me, it won’t.”
“That’s cool, I slept with a few of our team, but hey, oh well, cats outta the bag.”
“Alright, this game isn’t fun anymore, who’s up for poker?” Tej asked, standing up.
“I’m in,” I got up.
Everyone agreed and we went to the table.
After claiming the pot twice, I gathered my money, and excused myself. “I’m beat, goodnight.” I smiled.
“Night.” Everyone chorused, keeping their eyes on their cards.