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I Will (Carl Grimes Love Story)
Story published April 30, 2013 · updated 2 days ago · 42 pages · 590 readers · 3,733 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

I woke with a start thinking all of the was just a dream, but of course it wasn't .
I got out of my so called "Bed''  which was really just a dirty old sleeping bag. I changed into 
my blue jeans and put on my purple tank top and went down to the kitchen to get breakfast which
was probaly just another can of beans which I was perfectly fine with .
I'm not as stubborn as some girls from my school.
"Hey Bianca." My dad, Rob said.
"Hey dad." I said with a big smile.
"You ready to go hunting this afternoon?"
"Yeah." I said not wanting to make it sound as boring as really is.
I just don't really like killing people or animals especially the Walkers, but I know I have to if I want to live in this world.
For now.
"Here's your breakfast." He said handing me a can of beans.
I sat down on a stool and began eating.
"So what's up Bi?" My dad asked. 
"Oh nothing much, just in a zombie apocalypse..." I said with a smile to make sure he knew I was kidding.
He started to laugh.
"Oh come on look at the bright side,we're still alive." He said with a kind smile.
"Yeah ,I guess." I said with a slight frown.
" Well do you wanna just get a head start and go hunting now?" My dad said.
" Yeah okay just let me get my sword and pocket knife." I said while jumping off of the stool.
We walked out once I got what I needed and headed for the forest.
" So, Bianca what do you want to catch today?" He said with a smile.
"Um....I don't know what do you want to hunt for?" I said smiling back at him.
"Oh god not that spongebob thing again!" He said smiling back at me showing he had known what i'd ment.
My favorite show when I was 6 was always Spongebob.
And I used to always copy what Spongebob said every once and a while to annoy my dad.
We were walking when we saw a couple of Walkers coming towards us.

I told him I got this and walked towards the Walkers and got my sword and
stabbed one in the head and sliced to top of the other's head.
I smiled to myself and looked at my dad.
He was smiling but then that smile turned to a panicked frown.
" BIANCA!" He yelled .
I turned around to see a herd of Walkers coming straight towards me and my dad.
I closed my eyes waiting for the worse to be over,when I heard a gun shot and then another after another.
I ran as fast as I could to my dad to see who was shooting the Walkers down.
I saw a girl with shortish hair, a boy about my age my age but maybe a little older who
was really cute,with a guy that looked like my dad's age and an Asian guy, shooting the walkers.
They saved me and my dad's life, I knew i'd have t0 thank them later.
"Get in the car!" I heard the older guy say.
Me and my dad followed them to the car and we drove away from the Walkers.
"Thank you." I said 
"No problem." I heard the Asian guy say.
"I'm Glenn by the way." He said while shaking my dad and I's hand.
"Hello" we both said .
"That's Maggie." He said pointing to the only other girl in the car.
I waved and smiled as she did the same to me and my dad.
"That's Rick." He then said to the older guy who also saved my life.
"Hi." I said with a smile as he looked at me from the front of the car and smiled. "Hello."
He said with a wave.
"And last but not least is Carl." Glen said with a smile.
I looked and
the guy I now know as Carl and got butterfly's in my stomach.
"Hello." he said with a big smile and reached out to shake my hand and then my dad's hand.
He shook mine first, when he shook it I felt sparks.
He soon let go of my hand and shook my dad's hand. 
"This is Bianca." My dad said pointing to me.
"Oh and I'm Robert, her father."
My dad started talking to the rest of them while I stayed quiet. 
My eyes became droopy and I soon fell asleep .
All I could think about was him, Carl.



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