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Love Stories (Set 8)
Story published May 1, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · completed · 371 pages · 25,049 readers · 480,785 reads
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Welcome to Set 8 of KillingInTheNameOfCanny's 'Emo' Love Stories!!

If you would like to request a story, either comment me on this story or on my profile :)
You can send in a name and picture if you wish, if not it will just be randomly selected by me.

Please note: I don't write 'Best Friend' or 'Step-Brother' Love Stories (It's a personally thing) but please don't request them because I probably won't write it.

I try and update these every week, but please note I am busy with college and stuff and might not always have the time to update them but I'll do them whenever I can I promise.


The Werewolf (Requested by: Áγν?στος)
The Abused (Requested by: ɪ'ᴍ ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴇᴍᴍᴀ ʙʀᴏ ﺕ)
The Overprotective, Sweet, Popular Guy (Requested by: Tнᴇ BᴀɴᴅBᴀвᴇ εϊз)
The Mute (Requested by: Gaarasteddybear)
The Shy Guy (Requested by: Outcasts are taking over)
The Manwhore/Demon (Requested by: Morgan Von Monroe)
The Stoner Jock (Requested by: Jessicaxo)
The Brother's Best Friend (Requested by: cυρcαкє αяιєℓ αмуχ ッ)
The Protective Bad Boy (Requested by: Rebellion)
The Skater Boy (Requested by: ɠąℓℓąɠɧεŗɠïŗℓ)
The Perverted Vampire (Requested by: gillianbartonweasley)
The Nerd (Requested by: Escaping Reality and Emma)
The Abusive Baby Daddy (Requested by: 123456789RJust s)
The Admirer/ Football Jock (Requested by: ʀᴏᴄᴋ ᴍᴇ ʀᴇᴇᴅᴜs)
The Flirtatious Guardian Angel (Requested by: Indeed my Kind Pixy)
The Musician (Requested by: ℳaƊ ℌaɬɬعR)
The Blind (Requested by: KatieGirl)
The Tattoo Artist (Requested by: ρяσɔυcт σғ ʟυƨт)
The Parkour/Free-Runner (Requested by: Leather'n'Heels)
The Forbidden Bad Boy (Requested by: αиdяєα'ѕ ιмαgιиαтισи)
The Supernatural Hunter (Requested by: ᴄᴀᴜɢʜᴛ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄяσss ғɪяᴇ)
The Ex-Boyfriend's Best Friend (Requested by: Crystina the reject Hoyle)
The Cold Boss (Requested by: ᴅιѕαѕтєяσℓσgу)
The Abusive Boyfriend (Requested by: AlexInTheFlesh)
The Bully (Requested by: Maria and Paige)
The Best Friend's Long Distant Cousin (Requested by: AbbyQuinn)
The Guy From A Different Country (Requested by: kriti)
The Pre-School Teacher (Requested by: Tiffany)
The Celebrity [Going Back To School] (Requested by: NinjaBlueWolf)
The Guy You Meet At Warped Tour (Requested by:  MissBrightside)
The Pervert (Requested by: Rose)
The Vampire (Requested by: Samantha)
The Obsessed Best Friend (Requested by: тнє тwσ мυѕкєтєєяѕ αɴd тнє ρяιɴcєѕѕ. ۵)
- I'm making an exception this time on the best friend stories, just because I feel like for this specific request I can make a decent story out of it.
The Vocalist/ Screamer (Requested by: CaitlynCookieMonsterrr)
The Protective/ Mother's Best Friend's Son (Requested by: Lonely River)
The Gymnast (Requested by: TrickOfTheLight)
The Dark Fallen Angel (Requested by: shawna)

The Cheating Boyfriend (Requested by: Brenda)
The Classmate (Requested by: delιrιoυѕ тнoυɢнтѕ)
The Baby Daddy (Requested by: Lizzy)
The Stalker (Requested by: Cassandra)
The Insane Killer (Requested by: Hydie and Marlen)
The Drug Dealer (Requested by: EMO Cassie)

The Gang Leader (Requested by: PukingUnicorns and Emo Chick)
The Ex-Best Friend's Older Brother (Requested by: нιѕ мєcнαиιcle вяιde)
The Homeless Boy (Requested by: ItsLaurenMthaFqur)
The Vampire Prince (Requested by: JustAnotherLostAngel)
The Guy Who Self Harms (Requested by: This One is for the Outcasts - I'm going to try and be careful with this one, because of it being a sensitive issue and I don't want to trigger anything)
The Best Friend's Brother's Friend (Requested by: thousand of words left unsaid)

The Bakers Son (Requested by: No regrets. Just love)
The New Guy/Bad Boy (Requested by: Tempest Tanner)
The Protective Brothers, Best Friend (Requested by: яєαℓιту яυιиєd му ℓιfє. 我愛她 and Miss. Lovelessly Awsome)
The Fallen Angel (Requested by: ғᴇᴀᴛʜᴇʀ ʟɪɢʜᴛ)
The (Assigned) Lab Partner (Requested by: XxOutcastxX)
The Insecure Boy (Requested by:  ℓιzzy ℓσυє)
The Prince Of Winter (Requested by:  Tama Kimi)
The Neighbourhood Bad Boy (Requested by: Music Addict)
The Ghost (Requested by: Arrow)
The Grandparent's Caretaker (Requested by: lexi hearts shayla and jackie.ˣ)

The Sisters Boyfriend (Requested by: ThisIsMyImagination)
The Photographer (Requested by: Kelsey M 0o)

The Haunted House Worker (Requested by: Megan)
The Twins (Requested by: savanah666)

The Loner That Can Read Minds (Requested by: LittleMissBword )
The Protective Ex-Boyfriend (Requested by: Angel )
The Socially Awkward (Requested by: нαι тнαя)
The Emo (Requested by: Scarlett Styles)
The Bad Boy Tutor (Requested by: Perfectly UNperfect)
The Best Friends Cousin (Requested by: Pastel Skies)