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Love Stories (Set 8)
Story published May 1, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · completed · 371 pages · 25,104 readers · 482,275 reads
Steven - The Abusi
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Steven - The Abusive Baby Daddy ♥

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Looking down at the little pink plus sign didn’t fill you with hope. The last thing you wanted was to see that. You were pregnant and your violent boyfriend Steven was the father. You knew bring a baby into that type of environment would be wrong but so would be getting rid of her or him. I sat down on the bathroom floor staring at the pee stick wondering what you were going to do. Could you bring up a baby with him? Would he change? Would he be a good dad? You heard the door down stairs slam shut and knew Steven had left for work. He hadn’t always been violent towards you, he use to be sweet and charming. But one day something changed.

He changed.

He started lashing out at you, it almost looked as if he wasn’t in control of his own body; the anger in his eyes, the clench of his fist, the sting of pain as he hit you. You knew he had no excuse and if you didn’t love him as much as you did, you would have left him already. You kept hoping he change back to the boy you’d fallen in love with. He was in there somewhere, you just had to find him.
You decided it would be a good idea to go to the doctor and get it checked, I mean pregnancy tests can be wrong, right? You got up off the floor and walked into your shared bedroom and began to get dressed; putting on a pair of moto vintage jeans with a simple white top and a pair of white canvas shoes. You tied your hair back and didn’t bother with make-up. You were too anxious to worry that much about your appearance and with that you left the house. You got in your car and headed to your doctor’s office; when you got there you made an appointment at the desk and waited the gruelling half hour for your doctor to see you. Everything seems to move so quickly once your name was called; the doctor confirmed it.

You were pregnant.

You shook his hand, thanked him and then walked outside; and broke down crying. You had hoped the test was wrong, you couldn’t bring a child into that relationship. You just couldn’t, you knew if he hit you during your pregnancy you could lose the baby. There was only one thing you could do.


You had to, to protect your unborn child. You had to leave him, no matter how much you loved him, you couldn’t stay. You had another life to worry about and you had to protect it. You wiped the tears from your eyes and headed back to your car. How were you going to tell him? Maybe you could leave him a note, leave before he even got back. But could you really end your five year relationship via a note? You took a deep breath and began to drive home. The first thing you did was call your mum, she didn’t know he had hit you; all you told her was that you had a fight and need to come home for a little bit. She agreed happily and you began to pack up some of your stuff.
You waited and waited and waited for Steven to come home. You couldn’t end your relationship by leaving a note or just leaving – that didn’t feel right. You just sat and stared at the wall waiting to hear him come through the front door. Minutes turned into hours and the more the minutes past the more anxious you became. You didn’t know how he’d take the news. After what felt like an eternity you finally heard the front door open and you took a deep breath.

This was it.

You stood up and walked into the hall way, Steven was staring down at the bags by the door.
“What’s this?” He asked.
“I’m going home” You told him, your voice was shaking from fear.
“What do you mean? You are home” He stated.
“This hasn’t felt like home for a long time Steven” You paused and swallowed hard “I’m leaving” You tried to say with a confident voice.
“You can’t leave, YOU’RE MY GIRLFRIEND” He told you, his voice growing stronger and stronger.
“Not anymore” You told him and you could see the anger gathering in his eyes.
“YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME!” He yelled and you flinched back a little, you could feel yourself shaking in fear but you had to remain strong for your baby.
“WHO EVEN ARE YOU?” You snapped back at him “You’re not the Steven I fell in love with, you’re a monster” You told him, his fists clenched and his jaw tightened “Look at yourself Steven” You told him. He was breathing hard and he caught sight of his reflection in the mirror. He hadn’t even noticed he had raised his hand to hit you until he saw it himself. He dropped his hand and looked down at the floor.
“What am I doing?” He asked himself.
“You were going to hit me” You told him “And you’ve hit me before, but I can’t let you do that to our baby” That wasn’t how you wanted to tell him, but you knew you had to.
“What?” He asked in a small voice.
“I’m pregnant” You stated strongly “And I can’t stay here, I have to protect it” You said holding your stomach “I could handle you hitting me, but if you ever hit our child, I would never forgive myself” Steven fell to the floor with his head in his hands. You walked past him took a deep breath and picked up your bags; you had to stay strong, so as much as you wanted to comfort him; you couldn’t “Goodbye Steven” You said strongly, taking another deep breath and walking out the door.

And out of his life.

You got in the car and you could feel tears welling in your eyes. You reversed out into the road and headed for your mother’s house. When you got there you told her you were pregnant, but you never told her about Steven being abusive. Your mum always liked him and you didn’t want her to change her opinion on your child’s father.

That night you found it hard to go to sleep, it was weird not having Steven next to you. You cuddled a teddy by your stomach and thought about becoming a mother.

A single mother.

Doing it all alone, that’s what scared you most. What were you suppose to say when your child asks about their father? And once again you began to cry. This was all wrong, this isn’t how it was suppose to be.


It had been about three months and you had a small, noticeable baby bump. You hadn’t seen Steven since the day you left him and you knew he didn’t love you anymore. He hit you, he never chased after you when you left and he’s not even called so see how the baby is doing.
That morning you got up and got ready as usual, some of your tops were a little tight so you borrowed one of your mums and headed to the shop. You had a bad craving for ice-cream and there was none in the house (you’d eaten it all). You arrived at the shops and decided while you were there to grab some necessities; you were pricing the milk when you saw him.


At the end of the isle, he looked at you and just stared. You tried to pretend you hadn’t noticed him and just picked up the milk you were looking at so you could leave the isle. You headed into another hoping he wouldn’t approach you; but you knew he would. When you were looking at the ice-cream a voice came from behind you.
“You always did like ice-cream” You knew it was Seven.
“It’s for the baby” You stated.
“How have you been?” He asked and you could hear the sadness in his voice.
“I’ve been okay” You told him and opened the fridge door to get a tube of ice-cream... Or three.
“I’ve been terrible” He said and your heart softened a little “I hate you not being there” He told you.
“It’s been three months Steven” You told him “Three months and you’ve not even contacted me once”
“I didn’t think you’d want me to after what I did” He was looking at the floor and you finally looked at him. His stubble was growing into a beard and he looked very pale and thinner.
“Steven” You said in a soft voice “Of course I wanted you to call me, I love you, I just can’t let you into its life until I know that you won’t-”
“I won’t” He said quickly “That’s how I lost you, I don’t want to lose my baby as well. It’s killing me that I haven’t been there for you or our child since you walked out. All I’ve wanted to do is pick up the phone and call you but I didn’t... I couldn’t, I was scared of what you might say” He took a deep breath “I really want to be there for you again and our baby”
“Okay” You said simply and his head shot up “But we’re going to take it slow, I need to know that you’re not going to hit me or the baby, it won’t be as simple as picking it up from where we left off, we need to take it slow”
“We can take it as slow as you want” He said with a smile “I’m just glad you’re going to give me a chance” You smiled and nodded, he took the ice-cream from you and helped you carry it to the check out.
Steven held up his end of the bargain, you both took it slow. He never hit you, if anything he was protective over you both. He was sweet and charming again and slowly he was turning back into the Steven that you loved. You never knew why he had gotten violent but you didn’t want to know; that was in the past now and it was time to look into the future. After a few more months you moved back in with him, you had agreed that a your child should have both parents under the same roof even if you weren’t in a serious relationship. He was still trying to earn back your trust, and until then you were nothing more than friend. But eventually you felt like he deserved you again and in the spur of the moment you kissed him one evening when he wasn’t expecting it. He didn’t stop smiling for the rest of the evening and eventually you made things official again. It was like the violence had never happened and on one cold night in November your baby boy was born.

You and Steven were together and overjoyed and you could finally have the perfect family with him and your son like you’d always wanted.

The End.