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One Direction, Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone IMAGINES (long)
Story published May 3, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · 21 pages · 1,517 readers · 8,290 reads
Austin Mahone
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Austin Mahone

a/n right now you're like 'The bee? -__- '
I know but let me explain this. 
I sat on my bed in my room peacefully on my laptop
when suddenly a bee came. 
It scared the crap out of me with his 'BZZZZ' thing. 
Than I came on the idea of this imagine :)
And again, the polyvore account is my friend's and mine :)



I sat in the park on the bench talking with some friends when I heard a noise.
It was pretty close, and than again. 
Bzz Bzz
I've search for the bee but I couldn't find him anywhere. 
Oh no this was so loud, he is somewhere near me. I turned around and I saw the biggest bee I ever saw in my whole life.
'aaaaaahh' me and my friends started to run, but I was wearing this:
so running wasn't a good option. I can't really walk on grass, so I kinda fell..
My friends looked at me and started to laugh, well thank you. 
I've tried to stand up but it didn't worked. Than a boy of 17 came, oh woah hot. He's super hot, fire hot, something like the sun in the sky (see what I did there? hehe) 
I kept looking at him, I couldn't see his face because of the sun. He helped me up and that's when I saw him. AUSTIN! 
Ok, y/n, keep calm. Don't make him scared and don't fangirl. 
'Hi' Austin said smiling his perfect smile. 
'Hi' I said in the cutets voice I had. I staid pretty calm but in the inside I was going asdfghjkl;. 
My friend called me and I had to go. 
'Wait, wait' Austin said grabbing my wrist.
'What's your name?'
'y/n' I said smiling and than I walked away.

It been 5 days now since I saw Austin. I'm so stupid, I had to ask for his number.
I stood up and dresses into this:
I did my hair when my phone went off.

'Hi thereeee' y/n/s said. (= your friend name, replace it with, well, your friends name )
'Hey' I said while doing my make-up.
'Let's go shopping?' y/f/n asked. I didn't had anything else to do so yeah.
'Sure' I said 'How late?' y/f/n answered and we hung up.

I went into the mall and I saw y/f/n standing there.
'Finally, you're here' she said hugging me. I rolled my eyes and we went into one of my favorite stores: Hollister. 
We just came in when I heard that sound again.
You can't be serious!
Bzz Bzz
oh no, it was loud. The sound was getting louder and louder when I saw him.
'aaaaaahh' and again I started to run. Lucky me, I wasn't wearing heels.
I run till I bumped into someone. Austin.
'Well, Bee's really like you' he said laughing.
'yeah' pretty awkward this.
'y/n right?' Austin asked. He still knew my name!
'Uhh,yeah' I said nodding. 
'There's something I've wanted to ask last time but you were gone' he said blushing. So. Cute.
'Well, ask it' I said trying to keep calm. 
'Can I have your number?' Austin said. I nodded and gave him my number. 
Austin than hugged me and walked out of the store.