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I Can't Stay Away(A Diggy Simmons Love Story)(Unfinished
Story published May 4, 2013 · updated 4 months ago · 12 pages · 503 readers · 2,055 reads
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I know I am mad suppa duppa LATE but this is what Kierra looks like and y'all need to start commenting.  I mean not just update ima need y'all to say something more like do you like it or something.  But ya know i guess if you didnt like it you wouldnt read it SSSOOOOOOO, Just comment any way lol.  Love You Guys Keep reading my cyberBFFS and Btw the next chap is dedicated to my cousin Donald and my dad,and my wonderful co-author, for giving me suppa great writing advice and helping me when I had writers block, so thank you guys

- Love Your Authors Isis Yo Boss Chick BFF and Aliyah Friend