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Avengers One-Shots
Story published May 4, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · 294 pages · 29,884 readers · 381,846 reads
Everyone gets emot
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Everyone gets emotional (Science Brothers, Bruce and Tony)

You woke up and kept you eyes shut whispering to yourself "Please say it was a dream, please say it was all just a dream, well I'd settle for nightmare." Your eyes shot open. All you could say was "ah, crap" because it was not the sky blue walls of your bedroom you were used to waking up in. "For once it couldn't just be a nightmare. It that too much to ask for" you mumbled. You thought "maybe this is a dream?" And threw the comforter over your head and closed your [y/e/c] eyes tightly. After what you thought was sufficient time you opened them again. No luck. You still weren't in your room. You threw off the comforter and got out of bed. You noticed you were still wearing your closes from yesterday. 

Last Night

Bruce walked out of your room and back out to the kitchen where Tony and Pepper were talking. "Oh my god!" Pepper was shocked by what Tony had just told her. "Pep, I've never seen someone hurt so much! Oh Bruce, how is she?" He said noticing Bruce entering. Bruce sat at the table across from the others. "She drifted off to sleep." He stated. "Poor girl, she must have been exhausted! Bruce, Tony was telling me that she could be suicidal, is that true?" Pepper was extremely concerned. "I don't know. I know when I found her she was on the edge of the roof. Bu-" Bruce was interrupted by Pepper "WHAT? She was on the edge of the roof?!" "Yes. For a moment I did think she was going to jump. But deep down I don't think [y/n] would actually kill herself." Bruce said with conviction. "Doesn't matter now. I have suicide proofed the tower. I don't want to risk it." Tony told them. "No. I don't to either. I don't even want to think about what could have happened if we didn't check on her." Bruce said full of sadness and a hint of fear.

-end of flashback-

After you got up you changed into your jogging shorts, a white t-shirt and running shoes. You stood in front of your room door, jus staring at it. All you could think was "I don't want to see them. God this is so awkward. What do I say. Maybe I can just stay in here and disappear. No, I can't avoid them or it any longer. Just open the door. Really, come on just open the freaking door." With that you took a deep breath, reached out and opened the door. You walked into the kitchen and stunned you saw Pepper. "Oh, Pep. Hi." You said wavering. "Hi [y/n]." She responded as if nothing was going on. Quickly and softly you blurted out "I was just going for a run. I usually do that every morning." "Okay. Well enjoy the fresh air." Pepper said and turned back to the fridge. You eyed her strangely and left.

After half an hour Tony walked into the kitchen rubbing his eyes. "Good morning, Pepper!" He greeted Pepper who was sitting just about finished her breakfast. "Good morning, Tony." She replied. Tony walked the fridge and grabbed the milk carton. Then he grabbed a glass placed it on the table. He began to pour the milk in the glass when he got the look as though he just remembered something. He stopped pouring and said "any sign of [y/n] yet? Guess someone should check on her." "Actually, and not surprisingly, she beat you up." Pepper said teasingly. "What? Where is she?" Tony was genuinely surprised. "She left about half an hour ago." Pepper was now next to Tony placing her dishes in the sink. Tony grabbed her arm and said shocked "what? You let her just leave?" "She was going out for a run, Tony." Pepper was a little irritated by the insinuation in his tone. "And you didn't think that maybe that was code for 'I'm going to throw myself in front of a passing taxi'?" He stated horrified. "Tony, she seemed fine. Besides it won't do her any good to keep her under house arrest. Let her be. Now I have work to do" with that Pepper left Tony standing in the kitchen muttering "sure we can. JARVIS already locked all the windows and the roof door." 

Five minutes later you walked into the kitchen panting a little. You were looking down until you heard some noise. Your head whipped up and you saw Tony doing something on the stove with his back to you. You stopped cold in your tracks. You weren't expecting to run into him this soon. You thought "can I avoid him. If I just sneak around-" you thoughts were interrupted by Tony turning around. When his eyes met yours, you could see relief in them. You spoke first looking down and trying to retain some normalcy "Hey Tony, do you have any aspirin? I've got a killer headache and the run did nothing . I've searched three floors worth of bathrooms and no pills insight. Is there some wired system in this place?" "Oh, here I'll get you some. There are too many bathrooms in this place to stock them all" he said as he left the room for a minute. He came back, throwing you a bottle and saying "here". You easily caught it and said "thanks!" Tony had turned back to the stove and started stirring something. He was about to speak up but the pit of guilt resting in your stomach made you speak "Tony, I...ah...I'm really sorry. For everything. I-" Tony cut you off "you have nothing-" this time you cut him off "yes, I do! I was horrible to you yesterday. I said some really bad things that I really didn't mean!" Tony has stopped stirring now. "Tony, I think I know the real you by now. And not the guy who does press tours of flirts with anything wearing a skirt. But the kind, caring, generous man you are. You have a heart, Tony and its one that beats true!" By now your a little misty eyed so you finish with a little jokingly "But don't worry, your secrets safe with me. And I promise you won't have to sue me for  slander." Tony turned around and gave a wet chuckle and quickly said pushing tears back "breakfast?" You replied wanting to get out of there in case you cried "maybe in a bit, I should..ah shower and change first." You headed for your room. 

Bruce wondered into the kitchen still wearing his shirt from last night. He saw Tony staring out a window and smelled burning. He looked at the stove to see a pan smoking a little. He rushed over, grabbed a pot holder and threw the pan in the sink. He ran water in it too. Once that crisis was averted he turned the stove off and walked over to Tony. "Tony? Are you okay?Bruce asked concerned again. Tony didn't look at Bruce but replied "yeah. You know maybe I should build her her own personal arc reactor. Someone or something needs to protect her heart." "Tony?" Bruce said and put a hand on his friends shoulder. He turned with tears brimming his eyes and said to Bruce "You should go check on her." Tony shrugged off Bruce and left the room. Bruce thought " what happened? What did she say to him?" He walked down the hall to your door. 

You were lying on your bed edge to edge with your chin resting on your hands and your legs hanging off the other edge. You were staring at two outfits hanging on the closet door. As looked from one to another you heard a soft knock. You knew that knock. It was Bruce. After what happened with Tony you didn't want to deal with Bruce now. You put your head in your hands. Maybe if you don't answer he'll go away. There was a second knock and then the door opened. Bruce became very worried when he say you lying in the way you were with your head in your hands. You didn't move but felt someone sit on the edge of the bed next to your feet. He spoke "[y/n]? What's wrong? You know you can talk to me. Did Tony say something inappropriate?" You attempted to interrupt with his name but he didn't seem to hear you and continued "If he did, you know Tony. He probably meant well but he's not very good with these kinds of-" Bruce abruptly stopped mid sentence. His eyes had jus met a pill bottle, an obviously empty pill bottle sitting on your nightstand. You lifted your head from your hands and said confused "Bruce?" Now horrified and in a panic Bruce grabbed your arms and pulled you up so you were sitting across from him. "[y/n] look at me!" He ordered trying to sound calm. You did as he asked. He continued "how many pills did you take?" "What?" You had no idea what he was talking about. He grabbed the pill bottled held it up and said a little less calmly "how many did you take?" You finally connected the dots. "Bruce they were-" you started by he cut you off by Bruce who's voice was raised and he sounded more "how many?" You suddenly noticed he was trembling and his chestnut eyes had more green in them then brown. "Oh, god" you thought. You quickly got over it though and grabbed Bruce's arms. You looked intently in his eyes. "Bruce, it was aspirin. I had a headache. Ask Tony he gave them to me. But Bruce you need to calm down. Remember your blood pressure. You don't want to Hulk out over this. You don't want to Hulk out over me. It's not worth it. I'm not worth it." You said calmly even though he was still trembling. You continued "I'm okay Bruce. Really. And so are you. Your gonna be okay. Just breath." You were taking deep breaths and it looked like he was trying to breath too. You spoke softly and rubbed his arms "just relax. It's going to be okay. You're going to be alright." After a few more moments Bruce stopped trembling. He looked up and met your eyes. "A-a-aspirin?" He asked shakily and a little breathy. You gave a little reassuring smile and nodded. You were a little chocked up. He hugged you tightly and whispered in your ear "you know I would Hulk out over you. You are definitely worth it! You're worth it!" You hugged back and whispered "I wish I could believe that." He was about to respond but you heard a sniffle from behind you. Obviously, Tony had heard Bruce shouting and came in to see if everything was alright. Before anyone could say anything else, two other arms engulfed you both. The three of you sat there embracing each other with tears in your eyes.