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One Shots!
Story published May 6, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · completed · 180 pages · 25,456 readers · 193,219 reads
Jey Uso
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Jey Uso

Hey I'm Savanah Kelper. I'm a WWE medic.. I help the trainers take the wrestlers that are injured back stage.. And I also have a crush on Jey Uso... He is very sweet and kind!! 
I was sitting by the commentary table and texting, waiting for an injury... I then heard a theme, it was The Uso's theme.. I only waltched their matches.. Then Shield came out.. They were strong!! Well the match started and it was Jimmy and Seth Rollins..  Jimmy had the upper hand.. Eventually he tagged Jey.. I sat up and started watching very closely.. Jey hit Seth and he was out.. All of a sudden Roman Reigns came out and speared Jey... Then Dean Ambrose came out of nowhere and hit Jey.. Then they got Jey outside the ring and pick him up and slammed him into the commentary table.. That surely broke a rib or two!! The Shield left, I quickly ran to Jey Uso and then there was a stretcher and he was lifted on the stretcher and brought backstage.. 
"Savanah, you have to stay with Jey AT ALL TIMES!" The other medic said.. I just nodded, I got into the ambulance and went to the hospital...
It's been more than three hours, and Jey hadn't woken up yet! I was crying.. I was worrying.. I had my hand in his.. Suddenly my hand was tugged, I looked up to see Jey smiling at me..
" JEY!! You're awake!!" I quickly hugged him..
"Hey you know it's hard to get rid of me!" He said smiling.. "Savanah, I wanna tell you something.." 
"Go ahead!!" 
"Savanah.. I love you, I always have! Will you be my girlfriend?" 
"I live you too Jey, I always have also.. And yes I will be your girlfriend!" With that we kissed.. There were bomb and fireworks everywhere!!!
A/N- I did this one shot at school, so I'm sorry if its short... I have 5 requests left.. So at the moment I'm not going to take any requests.. But I will when I'm done the others!! 

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