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One Shots!
Story published May 6, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · 180 pages · 24,970 readers · 188,900 reads
Jimmy Uso
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Jimmy Uso

Hey! It's Savanah Johnson here! I'm Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's little sister, actually step sister but Dwayne treats me like his real sister.. The truth is I'm actually an orphan and Dwayne's family adopted me! I'm very sarcastic and outgoing, like him! I stay with the WWE backstage crew, I'm not actually a Diva.. Dwayne doesn't me to get hurt.. He's injured so I haven't seen him in a while! I kinda have a crush on Jimmy Uso, he's like my best friend, so is Jey.. Jimmy is a sweetheart and so adorable! Dwayne and Jey know about my crush, and they always make fun of me when Jimmy is not around.. Well I'm going to go find the Uso's! 
I got out my hotel room to find the Uso's, I was in a blue dress and some stilettos.. My hair was straightened, I had my phone, and headed for their room.. It was across the hall.. I wanted to go to lunch with them so I thought that I'd get them from their room.. I got to their room 'Room 314' I knocked, but no one came to the door.. I knocked louder, but still no one came in.. I tried the door handle, it was open?! I walked in slowly.. 
"Jimmy, Jey!" I called out, but no one responded.. I decided to see if they were in their beds.. I walked into their bedroom, to see them still asleep... I smirked.. This was going to be fun!! I took of my heels so they would make no noise.. I tiptoed to the beds.. I walked to the middle of the two beds, and got my phone out of my purse and when to songs.. I looked for a loud song.. I found the song Bangarang-Skrillex! I noticed an iPhone speaker dock, this was AWESOME! I plugged my phone in and put the song to where it gets loud and put the volume up... I finally pressed play, covering my ears, and hiding.. It started blasting!!
"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! TURN IT OFF!!! HURRY!!!" Jey shouted, falling off his bed and to the dock.. He shut of the song..
"SAVANAH JOHNSON! I know your somewhere in here, this is your phone.. If you don't come out I'll text that special someone!" Jey was talking about Jimmy who was in the bathroom, he ran in there as soon as the music went off.. 
"NOOOO!!!!!!!" I shouted running towards Jey, and grabbing my phone.. I was about to run out of the room, when suddenly I was grabbed by two arms..
"You aren't going anywhere!" Jimmy whispered in my ear which sent chills up my spine..
"Ohh no.." I said, trying to run away, but he had a tight grip.. He threw me over his shoulder and brought me to the couch.. He gently threw me on the couch and sat on me.. "GET OFF!! You're fat!" He wasn't actually sitting on me, I was really overreacting!
"I'm not even sitting on you!" He said tickling me.. "PAYBACK!!" I was laughing so hard I was out of breath..
"S-stop! N-need to b-breath!" I said in between laughs.. 
"Fine!" He said sitting beside me.. Jey walked over to Jimmy, and whispered something in his ear.. Jimmy's eyes got big..
"No!! Not today!" Jimmy whined.. I was confused!
"I will if you don't!" Jey said walking to the bathroom.. 
"Uhh hey Savanah... I have to tell you something... Umm... I-I really like you.." He said, nervous and a bit scared.. I smiled.
" I really like you too Jimmy!" I said hugging him.. He pulled back, put his hand on the bak of my head and kissed me.. I kissed back. It was getting more passionate, when suddenly there was whistling! We both quickly pulled away to see Jey and Dwayne! "DWYANE!!" I shouted running towards him..
"SAVANAH!! I missed you so much, I see you finally told Jimmy you liked him!" He said hugging me.. I blushed.. Jimmy walked over and hugged me too..
"GROUP HUG!!" Jey shouted joining the hugging circle.. 
"You guys are so weird!" I said laughing..
"We know!" All three of them laughed out..
A/N-I'm so happy, I thought I accidentally deleted this one and I thought I lost it forever, but I found it!! I'm trying to finish the requests! Like 8-9 more left! I'm also making Polyvore Sets for the old one shots too!! I'm hoping to finish all of them this week!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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